Injured pedestrians will likely need compensation

St. Augustine, Florida, is a great place to ride a bicycle or take a walk. The weather is warm enough to be outside throughout the year, and there are plenty of beaches and other wonderful sights to take in.

While people should have every right to enjoy Florida on foot or traveling by bicycle, some motorists do not recognize this or do not take the safety of pedestrians as seriously as they should.

All too often, a careless driver pulls out in front of a bicyclist or even a pedestrian crossing the street. Even if they do not actually hit the person with their vehicle, these drivers can easily cause pedestrian accidents.

Given the size difference between a car and a person, pedestrians often do not just walk away from accidents. They can be paralyzed or suffer serious brain injuries that can leave them unable to work or even function in daily life. They can also lose a limb or suffer another injury that leaves them in chronic physical and emotional pain.

These sorts of injuries will no doubt require a great deal of medical care and ongoing rehabilitation. Additionally, they will likely require reimbursement for wages that were lost because the victim was unable to work.

While no amount of money can undo a pedestrian accident, our law office has, on many occasions, been able to help injured pedestrians get the compensation they need after a pedestrian accident. With over 60 years of experience between our attorneys, we have the legal know-how and experience to vigorously and effectively represent victims.

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