Jacksonville Car Accident Attorney Discusses Bad Faith Insurance Company Negotiation Tactics

Our Jacksonville car accident attorney understands that many insurance companies have standard bad faith negotiation policies they use in any effort to get a claim eliminated or drawn out through full court litigation. The typical injured victim should never attempt to negotiate their own insurance coverage settlement because the insurance adjusters are all well-trained in the process of “low-balling” a covered claimant. Anytime an insurance adjuster thinks they can settle a case with the lowest offer possible, they will do so and will even request a release on continuing medical coverage in situations that may involve long-term injury. It is never a good decision to attempt to settle your claim without legal advice or representation from an experienced litigator like a Jacksonville car accident attorney from Canan Law because they are professionally trained negotiators who can recognize bad faith negotiation tactics before they develop.

Art of the Deal

It is acceptable for the claimant to talk with the insurance adjuster before retaining an attorney, and many times the attitude of the adjuster will indicate the company policy on case settlements. Any information gleaned from the adjuster can help your attorney after he is retained. Many times an attorney will assess the value of a claim as high as possible because settlement compromises always shift downwards. The starting points concerning compensatory amounts are important in receiving a maximized settlement.

Dealing with a “Litigation Only” Insurance Company

Many insurance companies will only honor claims on cases that are formally filed in court. This is an immediate sign of a bad faith insurance company. However, an experienced personal injury attorney can often confer with the adjuster and request negotiation hearings directly with the company management officials. This process can entice a hard-line bad faith negotiation insurance company to get reasonable in their offer of settlement. But, some insurance companies will still only make one offer before wanting to go to court.

Going to Court Against Bad Faith Insurance Companies

When negotiations break down between your counsel and the insurance company, it will be necessary to take the insurer to court. This puts all negotiation tactics in the formal court record and can trigger a change in attitude by the insurance carrier, especially if your attorney wants to seek punitive damages from a sympathetic jury. In addition, if the court finds that the insurance provider has used general bad faith in an effort to reduce or deny a claim, there is a distinct possibility that you will have standing for a separate lawsuit against the respondent insurance company. Insurance companies want to avoid bad faith suits at all costs because it can impact operation status of the company. And, they also cringe at the idea of punitive damages for cases they should have settled long ago.

Contact a Jacksonville Car Accident Attorney

Anyone in Florida who suspects they are being dealt with unfairly by an auto insurance company should contact Jacksonville car accident attorney Canan Law at (904) 824-9402 and let them evaluate your car accident claim for maximum value potential.

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