Metal band involved in deadly accident en route to Florida show

Fans of metal rock band Adrenaline Mob may have been looking forward to seeing their favorite band perform in Florida. However, the band was recently involved in a crash on Interstate 75 while en route to a Florida performance, an accident in which one person was killed.

One individual lost his life, and six others suffered injuries when a semi-truck collided with the band’s recreational vehicle on Interstate 75. The band’s RV was pulled over to the side of the road due to a flat tire when it was hit by the semi-truck, which for some reason veered out of its lane and off the interstate. The collision caused the RV to catch fire.

All in all, nine individuals were involved in the accident. One person passed away, six people were hospitalized and two people did not want any medical aid. One person in the RV was in a bunk when he claimed he heard a bang when the semi-truck struck the RV.

This tragic incident highlights how important it is for drivers of heavy vehicles, such as semi-trucks, to drive with due care. It was not reported what the reason was for the semi-truck in this incident to veer off the road; however, it could have been due to any number of reasons. Some semi-truck accidents are caused by driver fatigue, distracted driving or reckless driving. Whatever the reason, it is important that those involved in accidents like these get answers, so they can make informed choices about what steps to take moving forward. Florida truck and bus accident injury lawyers may be able to provide assistance.

Source:, “Truck slams into Adrenaline Mob’s RV on I-75,” Austin L. Miller, July 14, 2017

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