Pedestrians particularly vulnerable to teen drivers

A recent study of the number of teen drivers involved in fatal accidents may well have confirmed that inexperienced drivers pose additional hazards on the road.

This is not surprising since, after all, a beginning driver is naturally more likely to make mistakes the same way as a beginner in any other skill would. Moreover, although this isn’t universally true by any stretch of the imagination, some teens do not always exercise the best judgement and responsibility when they are on the road.

What was interesting about these statistics was that, at least when it came to fatal accidents involving teen drivers, it was pedestrians, bicyclists and other people who were not occupying motor vehicles that seemed to be most at risk of death. For every 10,000 of these types of people involved in an accident with a teen driver, over 440 deaths were reported. As a contrast, non-teen drivers of other vehicles involved in these types of accidents died at the rate of 7.7 per 10,000.

Even though it seem pedestrians get the worst of it in teen driving accidents, the risk factors for these types of accidents are the same across the board. Teens who have a bad habit of driving too fast or who get distracted by other teenagers in their vehicles are particularly prone to causing accidents. For whatever reason, nighttime driving is another risk factor for teen drivers.

Like anyone else on the road, Florida’s youngest, least experienced drivers must exercise appropriate caution and care while driving, especially when around pedestrians. This means following traffic laws, driving attentively and keeping one’s eyes on the road while making sure to check and double check for pedestrians. A St. Augustine pedestrian who gets injured by a teen drive may have legal remedies available to them.

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