Popularity of SUVs may lead to fatal pedestrian accidents

It may go without saying that when it comes to a collision between a pedestrian in Florida and an automobile, the pedestrian is most likely to come off worse for wear. After all, the human body is simply no match for a vehicle weighing several tons. Auto-pedestrian accidents are tragic, and according to one government report, are on the rise.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2016 nearly 6,000 pedestrians lost their lives after being struck by a vehicle. Some of the pedestrians killed in 2016 may have been residents of Florida or visitors to the state. The NHTSA noted that this number is the worst since 1990. And, the reason behind this spike in pedestrian deaths may have to do with the types of vehicles on the roads.

According to a report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, many of these pedestrian deaths may be attributed to the growing popularity of SUVs and crossover SUVs. In fact, the IIHS reports that pedestrian accidents involving SUVs went up over 80 percent from 2009 to 2016. SUVs and crossover SUVs are taller than a standard automobile, making it more likely that they will strike a pedestrian’s chest or head. These injuries tend to be more severe and therefore more likely to lead to fatalities.

There are many reasons why auto-pedestrian accidents occur. For example, there could be a failure to observe the pedestrian or a failure to yield to the pedestrian’s right away, such as in a crosswalk. Speeding and running a red light or stop sign could also cause a pedestrian accident.

Whatever the reason, when a negligent driver causes the death of a pedestrian, the pedestrian’s loved ones will be left not just grieving but possibly in a precarious financial state. They will have to pay funeral expenses and any medical expenses incurred due to the accident. In addition, if the victim was working, the victim’s family will suffer from the loss of wages the victim brought in. And, less tangibly, they will have to live without the companionship the victim provided. Holding the responsible party accountable may bring some closure to what is a very tragic situation.

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