Possible Effects of Plea Bargains on Immigration Status

Many non-citizens charged with crimes may find it surprising that certain types of plea bargains can affect their immigration status. A Putman felony lawyer can notify his clients about the potential effects and possibly prevent them from making a mistake that can lead to deportation.

Citizens vs. Non-Citizens

Putman-felony-lawyer-300x200.jpgNot everyone living in the United States is an American citizen. Putman felony attorneys can explain that several types of people qualify as U.S. citizens, including:

  • Those born and raised in the United States or a U.S. territory, such as Guam or Puerto Rico (for a full list of U.S. territories, consult a Putman felony lawyer)
  • Those born in the United States or a U.S. territory, but raised in another part of the world
  • Those whose parents achieved status as a citizen while their children were minors (their citizenship can apply to their children as well)
  • Those with certain family members born in America
  • Those who have been granted citizenship by the United States government

It is important to note, as your Putman felony lawyer will tell you, that the U.S. government do not necessarily consider everyone who fits into the categories above to automatically be an American citizen. In numerous cases, a person’s citizenship status depends upon the laws in effect at the time of his or her birth.

Why Citizenship Matters to Putman Felony Lawyers

A Putman felony attorney may question you about your immigration or citizenship status after arrest because it can affect your decision to blindly enter into a plea bargain. Basically, non-citizens convicted of certain crimes can be deported from the United States.

Non-citizens charged with particular violent crimes can enter into plea bargains, but a Putman felony lawyer must first educate his clients about the potential effects that their convictions or plea bargains may have on their immigration status. If you still want to enter into a plea deal, you can work with your lawyer to possibly limit the negative immigration effects.

Serious Matters Require Serious Assistance

Potential deportation due a plea bargain (or conviction) is a serious matter that necessitates the attention of a dedicated Putman felony lawyer. Call the Attorneys at Canan Law today at (904) 824-9402 for a consultation on your case.

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