Review of Florida’s Dram Shop law

One of the things a personal injury attorney will do is help a victim prove that a drunk or distracted driver was negligent or reckless and then, upon doing so, demanding that the driver’s insurance company pay the full extent of the victim’s injuries.

However, St. Augustine drunk and distracted driving injury lawyers are often tasked with the important responsibility of finding other sources of compensation, so that victims can be sure to have the money they need to continue to live their lives despite a serious injury.

After all, many times, careless or drunk drivers also neglect to purchase adequate automobile insurance, and they may not have a lot of assets that they can use to pay a judgment. However, so long as they have the minimum insurance Florida law requires, it will be hard to hold the driver accountable for not having enough insurance.

In the case of a drunk driving accident involving an underage driver, one may be able to hold the bar or restaurant accountable for serving the alcohol to a minor. Florida law specifically provides that an establishment that disregards or winks at Florida’s drinking age can be held responsible if a young person then goes out and causes an accident. In very limited circumstances, a bar can also be held responsible when a drunk driver was of legal age.

The point is, that if the victim of a drunk driving accident will not get adequate compensation from the responsible driver, other options may be available to them.

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