Semi-truck driver dies in crash on I-95 in Florida

Most motorists on Interstate 95 will be traveling alongside a commercial vehicle at some point during their journey. In addition, most people in Florida have seen stories on the nightly news where a semi-truck causes a catastrophic accident. However, as one recent incident shows, while semi-truck drivers sometimes cause accidents, it is not unknown for semi-truck drivers to be victims of crashes caused by other drivers.

A box truck driver was driving southbound on Interstate 95 when he lost control of his vehicle and struck the guardrail, which propelled him into the opposite lane of traffic. At that point, the box truck struck a semi-truck. Unfortunately, the driver of the semi-truck died, and the driver of the box truck suffered serious injuries.

Accidents such as these serve as a grim reminder that crashes involving large commercial vehicles have the potential to be catastrophic. A semi-truck can weigh tens of thousands of pounds, so any impact with another vehicle can cause significant damage. Moreover, these vehicles take large distances to stop, which can lead to accidents if another driver suddenly crossed into their path or stopped in front of it.

All drivers in Florida, whether they drive a semi-truck or passenger vehicle, have a duty to drive reasonably under the circumstances. If they breach this duty and cause a car crash, they could face liability. However, since every accident is different, determining liability cannot be done in a broad swath. It requires a detailed analysis of how the law applies to the facts of the incident. This is a matter that is often best handled by professionals experienced in investigating and analyzing car accidents. Only once this is done can fault be assigned, and the victims can decide what actions to take next.

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