Service Patrol worker injured in Florida crash

Seeing orange cones on the Interstate can make a driver’s blood pressure rise, especially if traffic is already congested. However, drivers must keep calm and abide by the rules of the road in construction zones. A recent incident on Interstate 95 in Florida illustrates what can happen when drivers do not operate their vehicles with care.

A Road Rangers Service Patrol worker was sent to the hospital with critical injuries after being hit by a car on I-95. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the worker was picking up traffic cones when the driver of a BMW was forced out of his lane by a second vehicle near a closed lane of traffic. The driver of the BMW told police he saw the worker’s vehicle and attempted to avoid a collision. However, when the BMW swerved onto the shoulder of the Interstate, it struck the worker.

When several vehicles are involved in an accident, it may be hard to determine who was at fault. This is a question that will have to be sorted out in court, if a lawsuit is filed.

Drivers must operate their vehicles with due care in construction zones or near accident scenes. The reason for this is to protect other motorists and workers doing their jobs in these zones. When drivers fail to uphold their duty of care, it can spell disaster for an innocent motorist or worker should a collision occur. Those injured in car crashes will want to explore their legal options to determine if pursuing compensation is a possibility.

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