St. Augustine DUI Lawyer Discusses Florida DUI Laws

Driving under the influence is considered a serious offense in virtually all states in the country. Florida imposes severe sentences on drivers who drink and drive, particularly those who develop a history of arrests and convictions. If you have been arrested, it is imperative that you hire a strong and aggressive St. Augustine DUI attorney who will fight for you. The cost of a conviction is dear and can have repercussions in your life for years to come.

A St. Augustine DUI Lawyer Explains the Notion of Implied Consentst-augustine-dui-lawyer.jpg

Many Florida drivers are under the mistaken assumption that they have a right to refuse breath, urine and blood testing if they are arrested for drunk driving. Your St. Augustine DUI attorney will tell you that by signing for a driver’s license in the state you agree per se to consent to submitting to chemical tests if you are asked to take them. The Implied Consent law is founded upon the principle that driving is not a right but a privilege and that you as a driver have a legal responsibility to others not to drink to the point of intoxication before driving.

A St. Augustine DUI Lawyer Discusses Progressive Consequences for Convictions

Being arrested for driving under the influence is a nerve-wracking and difficult experience. Unfortunately, far too many arrestees make the mistake of talking with the police without having first met with a St. Augustine DUI attorney. The idea of “what you say will be used against you” definitely applies to DUI cases, and you need to take care not to admit to anything you will regret later. This is not to suggest that you should be uncooperative with police. Simply request politely to speak with your attorney under your constitutional rights before answering any questions.

The consequences for a DUI conviction in this state are progressive, which means that they increase with the number of times a person has been convicted. Even a first conviction has serious ramifications, however, for you face loss of your driver’s license for at least six months and possibly a full year, up to $2,000 in fines and 9 months in jail. Your St. Augustine DUI attorney will advise you that loss of your license can mean:

  • You will have a difficult time getting to and from work.
    You may not be able to attend your kids’ games or school functions.
    Such everyday tasks as going to the market become difficult.

A second conviction will result in loss of your license for five years, a fine of up to $4,000 and incarceration in county jail for up to a year. A third offense will mean 10 years’ loss of license, a fine of $2,000 to $5,000, and up to one year behind bars.

A St. Augustine DUI Attorney Discusses Special Circumstances

The laws in Florida for minors-defined for the purposes of DUI as anyone under age 21-differ and are more severe. While the legal limit for alcohol in adults is .08%, it is .02% for a minor. This translates into roughly half a drink in one hour. Your St. Augustine DUI attorney will tell you that if you are a commercial driver the legal limit is .04%. Keep in mind that these are mere legal limits, by which is meant that if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is at or above this number, you will be arrested. You can be arrested for DUI if your BAC is lower but the officer believes your intoxication renders you a danger to others on the road.

Let a St. Augustine DUI Lawyer Help You

If you have been arrested for DUI, it is very important that you have the strongest, most competent St. Augustine DUI attorney available. A conviction can cause serious detriment to your life. Call the Attorneys at Canan Law today at 904-824-9402.

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