Strategies Your St. Augustine Lawyers May Use to Challenge Your DUI Blood Evidence

If your DUI case is headed for trial, you can expect the prosecution to use your toxicology reports or other blood evidence against you if you tested positive for drugs or alcohol. St. Augustine lawyers can represent you in court and explain some strategies for dealing with this incriminating evidence. One key may be effective cross-examination of the lab technician who ran your tests.

St. Augustine Lawyers Do Their Homework Regarding the Testing Process

St. Augustine attorneys with years of experience in defending DUI charges know that blood analysis is an “impersonal” process. Juries might mistakenly think your blood was tested individually by a single lab tech under a microscope. In fact, most blood tests are run largely by machines, and scores of samples are run at the same time. Mistakes can occur. Your St. Augustine lawyers can use cross-examination to educate the jurors about this process.

Sample Cross-Examination of a Lab Technician by Experienced St. Augustine Lawyers

A lab tech might be questioned by St. Augustine attorneys as follows:

Q: You didn’t actually run my client’s blood yourself did you? You used a machine called a chromograph right?
A: Yes.
Q: And you actually ran many samples at the same time right? Maybe even 40 or more?
A: Yes.
Q: Isn’t it also true that the testing process takes hours?
A: It can.
Q: So sometimes, you’re not even in the room when the machine is running right?
A: Technically, no. No I’m not.

The above is just a sample of how the cross-examination may go. Every case is different and your St. Augustine lawyers will work with you to develop a defense strategy tailored to your circumstances. Also, no lawyer can guarantee an acquittal, but incriminating blood evidence must be carefully scrutinized.

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