Telltale Signs of a Bad Client

When a St. Augustine personal injury law firm meets with you for the first time, they will be looking for certain clues to determine if you are a good client to work with. No attorney wants to endure a toxic attorney-client relationship while representing somebody. Most injury attorneys know that troublesome clients usually give some hints early on that they are not pleasant to work withSt.-Augustine-Personal-Injury-Law-Firm-300x200.jpg.

The “E” Word
Clients who seem “entitled” to a large payout usually make for bad clients and bad witnesses. Jurors and claims adjusters like to reward people they sympathize with, not plaintiffs who are just looking for an easy payday. A claimant who gives off an air that they deserve a large settlement or are entitled to one, regardless of the true extent of their injuries, will probably not be very endearing to most people. Such a client will come across as perpetually dissatisfied with the world, with their treatment and with their attorney.

By contrast, it is much easier to work with and represent clients who express a positive attitude and exude credibility. If your case goes to trial, the judge or jury will be much more likely to reward this type of plaintiff than someone who acts entitled to everything.

Here are some telltale signs of a difficult client:

  • Refuses to accept responsibility for anything;
  • Constantly angry at everyone except themselves;
  • Hostile and aggressive toward their St. Augustine personal injury law firm, and constantly questioning the attorney’s competence;
  • Doubtful about any professional’s judgment, including doctors, lawyers and therapists; and
  • Values life in terms of money, not healthiness.

The Power of Negativity
Similarly, clients who seemingly have nothing good to say about their lives are difficult to represent. It is difficult to sympathize with or satisfy someone who constantly sees the negative in everything. A plaintiff who only suffered minor injuries might express gratitude that the accident was not more serious or might constantly complain about why the accident happened to them at all. Any lawyer would prefer to work with the former rather than the latter.

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