The Prosecution’s Evaluation of Your Case

To win your DUI case, you will need a St. Augustine lawyer who can anticipate the prosecution’s plans and develop an appropriate response.

In determining whether your drunk driving case will actually go to trial, your St. Augustine DUI lawyer must find out what the prosecution intends to do with your case. The prosecutor may decide to take the case to trial or to reach a settlement. If your lawyer discovers that the opposing side prefers to settle, then he will ascertain the price they will demand from you.

Your lawyer may uncover the prosecution’s intentions by actively reading the available clues.gavel-white-300x199.jpg


Your attorney can discover the prosecution’s plans just by listening. Because drunk driving cases are usually straightforward, the prosecution has little incentive to put extra effort in hiding their plans. Prosecutors will openly disclose their cases to a DUI defense attorney who is ready to hear him.


Looking for clues can be as effective as listening for them. For example, your St. Augustine lawyer will try to see how much discovery the prosecution has done. A prosecutor amassing discovery with demands and motions is almost certainly getting ready for trial, since discovery is widely considered to be the primary method of acquiring information. Attorneys leaning towards settlement are not active in obtaining discovery.

Feeling the dynamic

Your St. Augustine lawyer can also simply try to get a general feel for the case. Is there intense media attention on the case? Is the prosecutor distracted by personal matters dominating his or her thoughts? The prosecutor may be tired by a prolonged trial and looking for a quick resolution. Conversely, a prosecutor may want to be actively engaged in a trial to pad his or her trial statistics. Many prosecutors believe that drunk driving cases are an easy way to boost their win records.

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St. Augustine lawyer Patrick Canan will thoroughly investigate every aspect of your DUI case to find any holes in the state’s case against you. For a free initial consultation of your case, please call his law offices at 904-824-9402.

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