Three Adjuster Tactics – Dirty Harry, Lowballing, Waiting Game

To protect yourself from unscrupulous tactics by insurance adjusters, you should be represented by a knowledgeable St. Augustine personal injury lawyer.


A St. Augustine Personal Injury Lawyer Explains the “Dirty Harry” Tactic
The adjuster in your case may hold off on making a sensible claim valuation as the individual wants to use the lawsuit to lessen the upcoming caseload. Contrary to popular misconception, adjusters don’t risk a backlash if the claim files proceed to litigation, and some will actually hope for this development for the following reasons:

  • They find the defense attorney, who will receive the file, more cooperative compared to claimant or plaintiff counsel;
  • They are spared the drama of feuding with the other attorney;
  • In some claims operations, the entire file will move from the adjuster to a separate litigation unit, lessening the adjuster’s workload; and
  • They find the defense attorney, who will receive the file, more cooperative compared to claimant or plaintiff counsel.

A St. Augustine Personal Injury Lawyer Will Warn You That Adjusters May Lowball Your Claim
There are various reasons why adjusters will undervalue your claim, which includes:

  1. Saving money for the insurance company;
  2. Making clear that you can’t try to make easy money from the case;
  3. Personal error, negligence or missed spots during case evaluations; and
  4. A commensurate response to your attorney’s unreasonably high demands.

Your St. Augustine Personal Injury Attorney Will Address the Adjuster’s Waiting Game
Adjusters have little incentive to quickly wrap up the evaluation of the value of the claim since waiting out the process often benefits the insurance company. Insurance companies will also opt for prolonged payout intervals since a bulk of their profit comes from investing rather than writing insurance.

In fact, the insurance industry is a combination of two business. The first is underwriting insurance on risks, and the second is investing the money they take from premiums paid. The former produces little profit and often loses money, but the investment side is so lucrative that the insurer can cushion any underwriting losses. And since the insurer can maximize their financial return by keeping funds invested as much as possible, they will take their time on valuing or settling claims.

If you were injured in an accident, an experienced attorney might be able to help you obtain compensation for your injuries. For a free initial consultation with a St. Augustine personal injury lawyer, please the law offices of Patrick Canan at 1-904-824-9402.

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