Top safety tips for Memorial Day weekend

It may be difficult to comprehend how quickly 2017 is progressing, but Memorial Day weekend is upon us. Most expect the I-95 corridor to see a great deal of activity this weekend as people flock to holiday destinations. AAA expects nearly 40 million people to travel at least 50 miles for the holiday, with many people driving.

Because of the higher traffic volumes, the possibility of accidents occurring increases, so naturally drivers must be more careful. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Nevertheless, following these tips can reduce the chance of being in a crash.

Keep your cool in bad traffic – As we alluded to earlier, chances are that traffic jams will ensnare drivers at some point with so many people wanting to get away for the weekend. With that, tailgating and aggressive driving should be avoided. After all, doing this won’t get you there any faster. So patience should win the day.

Buzzed driving should be avoided – Drivers who are “buzzed” or “tipsy” have their inhibitions reduced by alcohol. When this happens, they tend to take more chances than they would compared to when they are sober. All of this is a recipe for disaster. So alcohol should be avoided before getting behind the wheel.

Stay off social media while driving – We tend to like our apps that help us navigate traffic jams and give us turn-by-turn directions, but Snapchat and Facebook should not be used to chronicle your drive while the car is in motion.

The preceding is not legal advice. We wish all of our readers a safe and happy holiday weekend.

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