Two injured in multi-vehicle collision

Some car accidents are not very serious, perhaps causing minor vehicular damage but little else. However, other car accidents can be catastrophic, causing serious injuries or even fatalities. One recent accident on Interstate 95 in Florida exemplifies just how serious some car crashes can be.

A multi-vehicle accident occurred on I-95 in Palm Beach County, causing one vehicle to catch fire. The force of the collision caused a tanker truck hauling fuel to overturn. Two people involved in the crash suffered burn injuries when the tanker truck caught fire. The victims had to be flown to a trauma center.

Multi-vehicle crashes bring up interesting liability scenarios. For example, say Car A strikes Car B, causing Car B to rear-end Car C. Car A may be responsible for the damages Car B suffered, but who is responsible for Car C’s damages? Is it Car B, Car A or both? These are issues that must be sorted out if any of the parties involved wish to file a personal injury lawsuit following the crash.

Sometimes, a person who is seriously injured in a car crash will find that the costs associated with the crash are more than they can handle. It is in times like these that victims may want to pursue legal action against the responsible party. Compensation awarded in a personal injury lawsuit can go a long way towards helping victims deal with the financial aftermath of the crash, so they can move on with their lives. The assistance of an experienced attorney can be of great help to those in these situations.

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