Two semi-trucks in Florida involved in crash with a horse

When a person is driving in an agricultural or rural area in Florida, it is not unusual to see animals on the side of the road. However, if these animals are let loose, they could pose a danger to motorists. For example, one unusual accident involved two semi-trucks and a horse and left one man seriously injured.

The accident began when a horse with no rider wandered into the roadway. The sun had not yet risen, so it was still dark outside. At this point, two semi-trucks struck the horse. The force of the impact caused one semi-truck to flip over. The driver of that semi-truck was seriously injured. His face was mangled, the cornea of one of his eyes was slashed and he suffered a fracture to his spine. The other semi-truck driver was not injured.

The owner of the horse is now facing criminal charges. However, the family of the injured driver stated that the drivers’ commercial insurance companies would probably sue the owner of the horse. This is because the insurance coverage would not be enough to meet all the medical expenses the victim incurred.

This semi-truck accident may seem unusual, but it just goes to show how there are a multitude of ways that a motor vehicle accident could occur. While motorists might anticipate they might crash into another vehicle, they likely would not anticipate that they would be in a crash involving livestock. It just goes to show how random some accidents are, accidents that could leave a motorist seriously injured and contemplating legal action.

Source: The Ledger, “Charges filed against owner of horse killed in Polk semi truck collision,” Kimberly C. Moore, April 27, 2018

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