Victims of bicycle or pedestrian accidents may seek compensation

Some motorists in Florida may be under the impression that they do not need to share the road with bicyclists and pedestrians. However, bicyclists and pedestrians have every right to be on the road just as motorists do. Unfortunately, some motorists may not keep an eye out for bicyclists and pedestrians, even when the bicyclist or pedestrian has the right of way or is on a bike path or crosswalk.

In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2014, around 50,000 bicyclists and 65,000 pedestrians suffered injuries after being hit by an automobile. Moreover, 720 bicyclists and 4,800 pedestrians lost their lives in accidents with automobiles. The issue of auto-pedestrian and auto-bicyclist accidents is especially relevant in Florida, where the warm climate allows people to walk and bike year-round.

In the end, a person who is walking or riding a bike is simply no match for a motor vehicle weighing thousands of pounds. Pedestrians or bicyclists can suffer serious injuries if struck by an automobile, and sometimes they can lose their lives. When this happens, the accident victim or their family may want to pursue compensation for the harm they have suffered.

At our law firm, we have represented pedestrians and bicyclists who have suffered injuries in auto accidents. We’ve assisted accident victims in pursuing compensation for lost wages, doctor and hospital bills, rehabilitation expenses, pain and suffering and the costs of the funeral should the victim die. By taking legal action, not only is it possible for a pedestrian or bicyclist to pursue the compensation they need to be made whole again, but it is also possible to hold the motorist responsible for their negligence.

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