Website ranks Jacksonville, Florida, as deadliest city on I-95

Whether a person has to drive on I-95 every day as they commute to and from work or whether they are a tourist traveling through Florida on I-95 for the first time, it is possible that they could be involved in a car crash. Some car accidents are relatively minor affairs, causing some property damage but no lasting harm. However, other collisions can cause serious injuries or even death.

At least two semi-trucks were involved in at least four accidents on the stretch of Interstate 95 that goes through St. Johns County. The crashes happened next to one another. One individual involved in the accident was flown to an area hospital, and another was transferred by ground to another area hospital. The first person’s condition was described as serious, while the second person’s condition was described as stable.

According to the website Value Penguin, I-95 has the dubious honor of raking third in a list of most dangerous roadways in the United States. I-95 sees approximately 55 fatal accidents per 100 miles. Moreover, Value Penguin lists Jacksonville, Florida, as the deadliest city on I-95.

St. Augustine residents may be disturbed to hear that at least one source finds I-95 to be a very dangerous stretch of road. When a person is injured in an accident caused by another driver, they will want to determine if that driver was negligent. All drivers have a duty of care, that they will drive in a manner that is safe under the circumstances. If they breach this duty and both actually and proximately cause a crash that injures or kills another person, they may be found negligent. Some examples of a breach of one’s duty of care that could happen on I-95 in Florida include speeding, tailgating, drunk driving and distracted driving.

It is up to all drivers to operate their motor vehicles in a safe manner. Reckless driving should not be tolerated. When a motorist is injured due to another driver’s negligence, it may be possible to pursue compensation from the negligent driver.

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