What happens if an accident is caused by a ‘phantom driver?’

Sometimes, car accidents in Florida are relatively straightforward. Two cars collide with each other, with one car being at fault. However, things become more complicated when it comes to hit and run accidents, especially those involving a “phantom driver.”

An accident is caused by a phantom driver when one driver starts drifting into the opposite lane of traffic. A second driver then has to swerve to avoid colliding with the first driver. This might cause the second driver to roll off the road or strike another vehicle. If the driver of the first car does not stop at the scene of the accident and continues driving, they are known as a phantom driver.

Oftentimes, a phantom driver is a distracted driver. If a person crashes their vehicle because they were trying to avoid colliding with a phantom driver, they should call 911 as soon as they can. If a person remembers what color the phantom vehicle was, as well as the type of vehicle, that would also be helpful. Of course, it goes without saying that if a person can remember what the driver of the phantom vehicle looked like or even if a person remembers the license plate number of the phantom driver, that would be especially useful.

Just like any hit-and-run accident, if a person is injured in a phantom driver accident, the phantom driver might be held at fault for the crash. If the phantom driver admits fault or if there were any witnesses to the crash, this could prove to be very useful if the victim decides to pursue a legal claim. In addition, if the victim has uninsured motorist coverage as a part of their automobile insurance policy, this could be another source of compensation. That being said, sometimes what a person receives from their insurance company does not cover all of their damages. Therefore, it can help to discuss the matter with a hit and run auto accident compensation lawyer to determine if it is possible to seek compensation from the at-fault driver through a lawsuit.

Source: the balance, “Car Accident after Being Run Off the Road by Another Driver,” Emily Delbridge, Sept. 26, 2017

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