What is “Dangerous Instrumentality”?

In St. Augustine, Florida’s dangerous instrumentality doctrine states that the owner of an inherently dangerous tool is liable for any injuries caused by that tool’s operation. Your lawyer can explain to you how this extends to cars, as well. This means that if someone borrows your car in St. Augustine, you could be responsible for injuries or damage that person causes with your vehicle.

The law is complex, and if you need help, our lawyers are standing by. Car accidents in St. Augustine are, unfortunately, a common occurrence. If you loaned your car to a friend who caused an accident, you could be responsible. Our St. Augustine lawyers can examine the details.

Need a lawyer, or have more questions about insurance in St. Augustine? The lawyers of Canan Law in St. Augustine are here to help. Our lawyers are well acquainted with the insurance options here in St. Augustine and are standing by to assist you if you have the need for a lawyer.

We’re Canan Law Attorneys. And we’re here to help.

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