Who are some potential defendants in a bus accident lawsuit?

Tourism is a major component of Florida’s economy. Between pristine beaches, amusement parks, the everglades and more, people from all over the nation will vacation in the Sunshine State. Many of these visitors will use a tour bus to learn more about the local amenities and travel from one destination to another. However, just like any other vehicle, it is possible for a tour bus to be involved in an accident.

When a person is involved in a tour bus crash, they could suffer serious injuries. Recovering from these injuries may not only have a physical toll on a person’s life, but also a financial one. Medical bills could begin to pile up and the victim could also miss work. Tour bus accident victims may wonder if they can pursue compensation for the damages they suffered, and if so, from whom.

One possible defendant in a negligence case involving a tour bus may be the tour company. A tour company has the duty to hire bus companies that do not have a history of accidents or safety violations. The company that owns the bus itself is responsible for ensuring its vehicles are safe, and its drivers have the proper credentials and skills to safely operate the vehicle. A third possible defendant is the venues at which the tour bus stops. This may be appropriate if a tour bus passenger is injured getting on or off the bus due to the conditions of the venue.

While this post only provides general information on this topic, it is an important step to identify all possible responsible parties if a tour bus crash victim is interested in filing a claim. At that time, it can be very beneficial to have a knowledgeable attorney, experienced in personal injury law representing your interests.

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