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St. Augustine, Florida, Auto Accident Injury Compensation Blog

How do you recover compensation if the other driver leaves?

It's the question most people hope they never have to ask in their lifetime: how do you recover compensation if the other driver leaves?

In a lot of cases, this question means there was a hit-and-run accident. There was probably damage to your vehicle. But most importantly, it likely means that you suffered injuries too. Regardless of who was at fault, Florida law entitles you to compensation. But who pays and how do you recover damages?

The brain 101: Why college students tend to drink so much

Attending college isn't just about receiving a higher education and transitioning into adulthood. For many young adults, college also means regular invites to parties and an introduction to drinking.

In a majority of cases, this is the time where young adults are supposed to learn their limits and when to say no to another drink. Unfortunately, the human brain often works against us when it comes to alcohol in social settings, which can put young people in problematic situations later on.

What to do if you face DUI charges as a CDL holder

If you have a commercial driver's license (CDL) and make your living via transportation services, a DUI could be devastating. A mark on your criminal record could not only affect future opportunities but it could ruin your current livelihood. However, you do not have to plead guilty and accept these charges that could change your whole life.

Can you have containers of alcohol in the car?

Most states have some form of "open container" laws, which govern whether people in a vehicle can possess open containers of alcohol. Drivers and passengers alike need to understand what they are allowed to do so that they do not run into legal trouble.

Here is an overview of what is allowed under the open container laws.

Approaching a Worker's Compensation Case Successfully

Nobody goes to work thinking that they're going to get injured that day; however, there are certain fields where people might be prone to receiving injuries on the job. People operating heavy equipment are at risk for injuring themselves or others while operating machinery. Those who work with chemicals in a lab could hurt themselves with a chemical spill. Even people who simply lift boxes during the work day could injure their legs or their back in the process.

Regardless of the circumstances, people who are injured at work could miss a significant amount of time and may benefit from seeking out workers' compensation reimbursements for their related expenses. These can be tough cases to win and everyone involved in a workers' compensation case should consider keeping a few tips in mind. 

Effectiveness of Florida's texting and driving law questioned

Texting and driving in Florida has been a violation of state law since 2013. 2,061 citations were issued related to texting and driving in the state as of January 2015. What some in the state have called an effective way to save lives, others have criticized as a toothless law.

Texting and driving is considered a secondary offense in Florida. That means you cannot be pulled over for only texting while driving. However, if an officer pulls you over for speeding, and you also happen to be texting and driving, you could be cited for both violations.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Defines What Constitutes Theft

The number of ways one might be able to unlawfully take the property of another in the state of Florida is likely limited only by one's imagination. Florida has an entire chapter dedicated to Theft, Robbery, and Related Crimes. Specifically, the conduct which amounts to theft is outlined in Florida Statute 812.014, which states that a person commits theft if he or she:

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries

Florida is the most dangerous state for motorcycle accidents, according to data released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In 2013, more motorcycle riders were killed in Florida than any other state, accounting for more than 10 percent of all motorcycle fatalities in the United States. Many of those accidents could have been prevented.

Proving Liability in a Slip-and-Fall Personal Injury Case

Indoor and outdoor slips-and-falls are all too common and can result in serious injuries. While your injuries may be evident and obvious , proving liability (fault) in these cases can be tricky. Your chances of prevailing will be greatly enhanced if you have an experienced St. Johns County slip and fall lawyer on your side who can determine whether you have a viable claim and, if so, help you present persuasive evidence of liability.

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