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St. Augustine, Florida, Auto Accident Injury Compensation Blog

It is illegal to flee the scene of an accident in Florida

People in Florida who have been in minor fender-benders or those who have thought that an accident could happen to them someday, understand the basics of how to proceed. They pull over to a safe place, make sure no one is hurt, and then exchange insurance information and call the police, if necessary.

However, what happens if a driver causes an accident and instead of staying on the scene, just takes off? While a hit-and-run accident may be inconvenient when there is only property damage, should a person be injured or killed in a hit-and-run accident, it is more important than ever to find the responsible party and hold them accountable.

Massive multi-car accident on I-95 in Florida injures 13, kills 1

No one in Florida likes a traffic jam. They're frustrating, make us late to our destinations and in general can be a real headache. However, slowed traffic is just a fact of life that must be dealt with. Whether traffic has slowed down due to road construction, whether a lane of traffic is closed due to an accident or whether it is simply the daily rush-hour, nothing absolves a driver of their duty to operate their motor vehicle in a safe and appropriate manner. As one recent accident on Interstate 95 shows, failing to pay attention to stopped traffic can have disastrous results.

A massive crash on I-95 involving 22 vehicles in Florida has led to the death of one person, and 13 other individuals suffered injuries. According to police, traffic on the interstate was congested because of a prior accident. At this point a semi-truck struck the stopped motorists, causing the multi-vehicle crash.

Truck driver fatigue is a real problem in Florida, nationwide

The trucking industry is an important part of commerce in Florida and nationwide. Semi-trucks crisscross our streets and highways, transporting goods for sale or industry. However, while trucking is often a necessary component of doing business, it can be dangerous. Truck drivers may be monetarily incentivized to make as many deliveries as quickly as possible. This could lead to them putting long hours on the road. While the federal government has regulations that dictate when truckers must take a rest break, these often go ignored. Hence, truck driver fatigue can be a component in an accident that injures or kills another driver.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that drivers are less alert during nighttime hours, particularly after 12:00 a.m. This is exacerbated if the motorist has been driving a long time. Moreover, truckers who take their rest breaks in the truck's sleeper berth may suffer from something called "sleep inertia," which affects their memory, reaction time and ability to stay awake, among other effects.

Using a hands-free device could lead drivers to distraction

Florida drivers know that using a cell phone while driving can be risky, even dangerous, and that it can lead to an increased chance of a serious car accident. In order to avoid holding their phones while driving, many people use a hands-free device to talk while behind the wheel. These devices may seem safer, but in reality, they can still be quite distracting.

Distraction is distraction, whether it is the result of concentrating on a conversation on a hands-free device or manually typing a text message while driving. A driver with both hands on the wheel can still be distracted by using a hands-free device, and he or she could cause an accident due to cognitive distraction.

Drunk driver kills one, leaves scene, in Florida crash

If a person can walk away from the scene of an accident after being involved in a car crash with a drunk driver, they can count themselves very fortunate. Drunk driving accidents are often very serious, as a drunk person is not in control of their mental faculties, certainly cannot drive safely and often do not even know they were responsible for a crash. Unfortunately, many people involved in drunk driving accidents are not so lucky, as one recent incident in Florida demonstrates.

A 21-year-old man who caused a fatal hit-and-run accident is currently facing charges of DUI manslaughter, operating a motor vehicle without a license and fleeing an accident scene. Moreover, he cannot believe that his actions led to the victim's death, stating that he believed the accident "wasn't that bad." The victim was the child of a Palm Beach County deputy.

What are some plusses and minuses to truck accident settlements?

Drivers of semi-trucks in Florida are duty bound to drive with due care, and this means making sure they are properly trained to handle their vehicles, that they obey traffic laws and that they don't speed. Unfortunately, truck drivers are often incentivized by their employer to make as many deliveries as they can as quickly as possible. This often leads to truck accidents, which can be catastrophic events.

The damages a person can receive in a truck accident can be extreme. If the motorist is lucky to survive, they may still suffer serious injuries, pain and suffering and lost wages due to an inability to work. And, should a motorist be killed in a truck accident, their loved ones may be in a difficult situation financially.

New orange poles installed on I-95 have led to fewer crashes

When a motorist is driving down I-95, orange highway poles on the interstate's express lane are a common sight. Nevertheless, some drivers ignore these poles and illegally enter the express lanes, causing accidents. For this reason, the Florida Department of Transportation has taken action to try to reduce the number of accidents on I-95.

Approximately 32,000 new orange highway poles stretch the express lanes of Interstate 95, double the number that were installed in 2016. The FDOT estimates that, due to the new poles, the number of car accidents in the express lane of I-95 has gone down around 33 percent over the last six months. Moreover, the number of citations issued to drivers who run over the poles in order to enter or exit the express lanes on I-95 has gone down over 85 percent.

More kids on Florida roads as school starts throughout the state

New backpacks, paper and pencils have been purchased as children in Florida gear up for the start of the new school year. St. Augustine drivers should also take note of the fact that school is starting throughout the state, and this means that more children will be on Florida roads. It is important for drivers to pay attention to children walking to school or riding the bus, particularly during drop-off and pick-up times.

In fact, the National Safety Council reports that of those children who are killed in incidents involving buses, most are on foot and are between the ages of four to seven. These children could be struck by the school bus itself, or they could be struck by a driver making an illegal maneuver in order to get around a bus that has stopped to pick up or drop off children.

Texting while driving is only a 'secondary' violation in Florida

When a person is behind the wheel of a car, they may hear a familiar "ding" or vibration in their pocket indicating that they got a text message on their cellphone. It is all too tempting to check that message and respond right away, but, as more people in Florida are becoming aware of the dangers of distracted driving, they may wait until they are through driving before addressing that text message. Unfortunately, there are always those who think they can multitask and text while driving. This can lead to accidents that cause injuries or even fatalities.

Florida residents may be surprised to hear, however, that in Florida, texting and driving is a "secondary" violation. This means that police cannot pull a vehicle over simply because they see someone texting and driving. A person can be charged with texting and driving only if they have been pulled over and charged for some other traffic infraction.

Three die after drunk driver causes car crash

Most people in Florida understand the dangers of drunk driving. Not only is it against the law, but it is a reckless and irresponsible act that could prove to be deadly, as one recent accident shows.

One child and two adults lost their lives in a chain reaction auto accident caused by a woman who was reportedly driving under the influence. According to police, the woman drove her vehicle into a grassy median of Tampa's Selmon Expressway. This led another automobile to go over the median into the other side of the expressway. It collided with two other automobiles, and then caught fire.

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