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Five-vehicle truck accident in Florida injures three, kills one

Some people in Florida may think that truck accidents occur mainly on busy streets and highways in major metropolitan areas. However, truck accidents can take place anywhere at any time, as one recent crash shows.

The Florida Highway Patrol reports that one person lost his life, and three others suffered injuries following a five-vehicle collision in rural Martin County. The accident occurred when a milk truck was traveling westward and four pickup trucks were traveling eastward. The milk truck, which was empty at the time, for some reason drifted into the opposite lane, striking each of the pickup trucks.

Ridesharing in Florida Reduces Drunk Driving

It used to be the case that if one wanted a ride home after a night on the town, they had to hail a taxicab, take the bus or ride with a designated driver. However, with the advent of ridesharing, such as Uber or Lyft, Floridians can use an app to summon a ride home after a night of drinking.

This may be a good thing, as the increase in usage of ridesharing services has correlated with a decline in drunk driving injuries and fatalities in Florida. From 2013 to 2016, the usage of ridesharing apps has gone up, while drunk driving injuries and fatalities have gone down. In 2013, there were 477 deaths and 830 injuries.

Florida Highway Patrol officer hit by motorist on I-95

It is not unusual to see police officers in Florida on the side of the road, particularly on busy highways. The officers may be "clocking" for speeders or they may be on the lookout for drunk drivers or conducting a traffic stop. It is important to drive carefully when approaching officers in such situations. The failure to do so could cause a serious car accident.

A Florida Highway Patrol officer was injured recently after being hit by an automobile on Interstate 95. The officer, age 51, was standing outside his patrol car on the shoulder of the interstate when the incident occurred. He was utilizing a speed-measuring device when a motorist switched lanes, striking another motorist. That second motorist then lost control of their automobile and struck both the officer and the officer's vehicle. The officer was sent to an area hospital with serious injuries.

Are built-in vehicle features placing you at risk for injury?

Florida readers know that distracted driving is a major problem. It is one of the leading causes of car accidents, and it is one of the biggest threats to the safety of motorists. If you suffered injuries in a car accident, chances are that distraction played a role in some capacity. However, distraction goes beyond texting and cellphones.

A study recently released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that some of the technology that now comes standard in many vehicles could pose a significant threat to motorist safety. Some of the biggest risk factors come from built-in navigation systems, touch screen radios and DVD players. No matter the type, distracted driving is always dangerous and always preventable.

Truck safety features could prevent accidents

Florida residents must share the road with large trucks every day, but this is not always an easy task. After all, it seems like every day there is a news report of a person injured or killed in an accident with a large truck. Motorists may wonder, then, if there is any way to make large trucks safer.

According to a recent AAA study, if large trucks had video-based safety technology systems, these systems could possibly prevent as many as 63,000 large truck accidents annually. In 2015, over 40,000 accidents involved large trucks. Over 116,000 people were injured in such accidents, and over 4,000 people lost their lives.

Budweiser and Lyft reveal plan to combat drunk driving

After a night out, many people do the responsible thing and have a designated sober driver, rather than drive while drunk. However, drunk driving is still a major problem. To address this problem, beermaker Budweiser and the ride-sharing service Lyft have announced an initiative in which they give intoxicated persons rides each weekend for the rest of 2017.

The initiative, titled "Give a Damn. Don't Drive Drunk," will provide people in Florida, eight other states and Washington, D.C., with up to 150,000 round-trip rides. The service will be available on weekends and holidays.

Victims of bicycle or pedestrian accidents may seek compensation

Some motorists in Florida may be under the impression that they do not need to share the road with bicyclists and pedestrians. However, bicyclists and pedestrians have every right to be on the road just as motorists do. Unfortunately, some motorists may not keep an eye out for bicyclists and pedestrians, even when the bicyclist or pedestrian has the right of way or is on a bike path or crosswalk.

In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2014, around 50,000 bicyclists and 65,000 pedestrians suffered injuries after being hit by an automobile. Moreover, 720 bicyclists and 4,800 pedestrians lost their lives in accidents with automobiles. The issue of auto-pedestrian and auto-bicyclist accidents is especially relevant in Florida, where the warm climate allows people to walk and bike year-round.

It is illegal to flee the scene of an accident in Florida

People in Florida who have been in minor fender-benders or those who have thought that an accident could happen to them someday, understand the basics of how to proceed. They pull over to a safe place, make sure no one is hurt, and then exchange insurance information and call the police, if necessary.

However, what happens if a driver causes an accident and instead of staying on the scene, just takes off? While a hit-and-run accident may be inconvenient when there is only property damage, should a person be injured or killed in a hit-and-run accident, it is more important than ever to find the responsible party and hold them accountable.

Massive multi-car accident on I-95 in Florida injures 13, kills 1

No one in Florida likes a traffic jam. They're frustrating, make us late to our destinations and in general can be a real headache. However, slowed traffic is just a fact of life that must be dealt with. Whether traffic has slowed down due to road construction, whether a lane of traffic is closed due to an accident or whether it is simply the daily rush-hour, nothing absolves a driver of their duty to operate their motor vehicle in a safe and appropriate manner. As one recent accident on Interstate 95 shows, failing to pay attention to stopped traffic can have disastrous results.

A massive crash on I-95 involving 22 vehicles in Florida has led to the death of one person, and 13 other individuals suffered injuries. According to police, traffic on the interstate was congested because of a prior accident. At this point a semi-truck struck the stopped motorists, causing the multi-vehicle crash.

Truck driver fatigue is a real problem in Florida, nationwide

The trucking industry is an important part of commerce in Florida and nationwide. Semi-trucks crisscross our streets and highways, transporting goods for sale or industry. However, while trucking is often a necessary component of doing business, it can be dangerous. Truck drivers may be monetarily incentivized to make as many deliveries as quickly as possible. This could lead to them putting long hours on the road. While the federal government has regulations that dictate when truckers must take a rest break, these often go ignored. Hence, truck driver fatigue can be a component in an accident that injures or kills another driver.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that drivers are less alert during nighttime hours, particularly after 12:00 a.m. This is exacerbated if the motorist has been driving a long time. Moreover, truckers who take their rest breaks in the truck's sleeper berth may suffer from something called "sleep inertia," which affects their memory, reaction time and ability to stay awake, among other effects.

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