A St. Augustine Accident Claims Lawyer Explains The Role Of The Home Office

St.-Augustine-personal-injury-attorney.jpgCircumstances will almost certainly arise in which you and your St. Augustine personal injury attorney will have to deal with the insurance adjuster’s home or regional office. The responsibilities of these offices, particularly the home office, are outlined below.

The Home Office
While the regional office oversees the operations in a specific part of the country, the home office is the corporate headquarters for the insurance company. The home office is the final arbiter when a decision must be made regarding a claim that cannot be made locally. This usually falls to a vice president of claims or general claims manager, whose responsibility it is to decide such matters as policy limit situations, coverage issues and so on. If home office has become involved in your case, it is an indication that the case requires more than ordinary consideration. Whether this is good or bad for you will depend on the circumstances.

Policy and Decision Making
The corporate headquarters or home office issues all company manuals, specifications and literature and agents come here to be trained. It is up to home office to generate and implement corporate policy. Policy changes or new policies are developed here. Home office must make the final determination concerning such issues as failure of a policy-holder to pay premiums or other coverage issues. Major coverage issues such as these or others cannot be made by the adjuster.

Money Issues
Normally, the local or regional claims manager or supervisor will authorize the adjuster with regard to settlement amounts. Policy-limits cases, however, are another matter entirely. These are referred to the home office by means of the appropriate corporate hierarchy. A request for policy limits normally requires approximately thirty days in order to go all the way through the review process.

Defense Firms
These are firms engaged by insurers to serve as legal counsel in lawsuit and trial situations. The affiliation between the insurer and their chosen defense firm can often be long-standing and may range from simple professional regard to genuine comradeship and mutual esteem. Performance is a central factor in maintaining this type of relationship. By winning cases consistently, achieving minimal settlements, providing consultation services via telephone when needed and following the principles of the claims office, a defense firm can ensure that it will be retained again and again. Defense firms value these relationships and make every effort to maintain them.

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