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Florida sees increase in accidents involving Brightline trains

High-speed rail may seem like a thing of the future, but this method of transportation is being implemented right here in the Sunshine State. However, just like any other commercial vehicle, the high-speed trains are seeing their fair share of accidents.

Recently, a pedestrian in Wilton Manors, Florida, suffered injuries after being struck by a Brightline train. Unfortunately, these type of accidents are becoming all too common. In fact, this is the fourth time in 2018 that a Brightline train has struck a person or bicyclist, and the sixth time such an incident has occurred from the time test runs began. Back on January 12, 2018, the evening that Brightline commenced transporting passengers between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, a pedestrian was struck by the train. Unfortunately, that pedestrian did not survive. Five days after that, a person riding a bicycle was struck by a train. He, too, did not survive. Following that, on January 19, 2018, a third pedestrian was hit by the train. That person's injuries were not life-threatening.

Drugged driving is a danger present on Florida roads

When a person in Florida thinks of someone driving under the influence, they may automatically assume that the driver was drunk. While most people in St. Augustine are very aware of the dangers of drunk driving, they may not be aware that drugged driving is also dangerous and the cause of many unnecessary car accidents.

Drugged driving refers not just to illegal drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine or heroin. Certain prescription drugs or even over-the-counter drugs can have side effects that could make it unsafe to drive. Drugs can make a driver sleepy, can affect a driver's ability to react to the unexpected, and can make it difficult to make sound judgments or stay alert. Any of these effects could make it difficult for a driver to respond appropriately to even the simplest of circumstances on the road. Moreover, some drivers get behind the wheel of a car after having consumed alcohol and drugs, which only increases their impairment and ability to drive safely.

Fiery tanker truck crash in Florida injures two, kills one

Some semi-trucks carry dangerous materials. Therefore, should one of these vehicles be involved in an accident, it's likely that the crash will result in injuries or even fatalities.

A tanker truck carrying hydrogen peroxide was recently involved in a collision on Interstate 95 in the area of Micco, Florida, and killed the driver and injured two others. The incident began when the treads on one of the tanker truck's tires separated, which caused the driver of the tanker truck to lose control of his vehicle. The truck ended up striking another automobile and both the truck and the automobile then smashed into the median guardrail. At this point, the tanker truck caught fire.

Car accidents can occur when Floridians multi-task while driving

Many people in Florida pride themselves on their ability to multi-task, and this pride extends into their driving habits. They may think there is no problem with using a cell phone, eating, grooming or playing with the radio while driving. However, all these behaviors can be distracting, causing a driver to take their focus off the road. When drivers engage in such risky activities, it could lead to an accident.

There are three main categories of distractions when it comes to driving. Some distractions are visual, causing the motorist to take their eyes off the road. Some distractions are manual, causing the motorist to take their hands off the steering wheel. Finally, some distractions are cognitive, causing the driver to think about something other than the task of driving. All three of these distractions are in play when a motorist is texting and driving, making it an extremely hazardous activity.

Florida man loses his life in five-vehicle crash on I-95

It may be almost impossible these days to avoid driving on the interstate, and, in fact, it is an everyday occurrence for many in the Sunshine State. However, driving on the interstate has its risks. For example, a five-vehicle accident on Interstate 95 has led to the death of a Florida man.

According to police, the accident began when a semi-truck traveling in the center lane of I-95 northbound got a flat tire. The semi-truck driver tried to move into the left shoulder of the interstate. However, a Chevrolet Impala was in the lane to the left of the semi-truck. The driver of that vehicle put his foot on the brakes and tried to move out of the way of the semi-truck. However, the driver lost control of his vehicle in the process and crashed into the trailer of the semi-truck. The impact sent the Impala into the left shoulder of the interstate.

Keep these DUI facts in mind if a police officer pulls you over

Are you a social drinker, meaning you typically only consume alcohol on occasion, when attending social events? Perhaps you reserve your drinking habits for a more private setting, such as a chaise lounge in your own backyard. Maybe you're one of many people in Florida who completely abstain from alcohol at all times. In either of these three settings, do you know if you were to get behind the wheel to drive, you may wind up facing DUI charges?

You might be wondering how that could ever happen if you are part of the third previously mentioned group. How can someone who never consumes alcohol face DUI charges? It's because DUI stands for driving under the influence. It does not always specifically refer to alcohol. A police officer may suspect you of acting under the influence of a drug. This could involve a prescription medication, cannabis or some other substance.

Could lowering the legal limit prevent drunk driving accidents?

It may seem like alcohol is more prevalent than ever these days. Not only are people in Florida and across the nation drinking alcohol at home, at restaurants and at bars, but advertisements for alcohol make drinking seem like a fun and light-hearted activity. This, unfortunately, means that some people are taking things too far and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Approximately 10,000 people in the United States lose their lives annually in drunk driving accidents. Now, a panel of members of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine is stating that lowering the legal limit from 0.08 to 0.05 is one way to address this problem.

Determining fault after a tour bus accident

Tourism is a mainstay of Florida's economy. Whether going to an amusement park, the beach, the everglades or any other destination in the state, one may choose a tour bus as their mode of transportation. In general, tour buses are a good way for people to travel. However, that doesn't mean that such journeys are always safe. Just like any other type of vehicle, accidents involving tour buses can occur.

Tour buses, along with other types of buses, are considered "common carriers." This means that they have a heightened duty of care to keep passengers safe. "Reasonableness" is the standard that is used in bus accident cases. For example, if it is rainy and the roads are slick, a reasonable driver may need to drive below the posted speed limit. In this situation, it may be unreasonable for a driver to speed, as it is foreseeable that doing so might cause a crash.

Help is available to Floridians involved in semi-truck accidents

No one can deny that semi-trucks are an essential part of commerce in the United States. Because of semi-trucks, oranges grown in sunny Florida can reach people in snowy Maine or any other state in the nation. These large vehicles are capable of transporting goods anywhere in the continental U.S., which, in turn, can help build a strong economy. And, for these reasons, semi-trucks are a familiar sight on our nation's streets and highways.

However, it takes great skill to operate one of these behemoth vehicles. Moreover, it is important that these vehicles are kept in good repair. There are also regulations that require semi-truck drivers to take rest breaks after a certain amount of time on the road. And, just like any other motorist, semi-truck drivers must take care to abide by the rules of the road and drive in a manner that is safe and prudent under the circumstances.

Dangerous I-95 ramp needs improvements

Drivers need to take caution when entering or exiting the interstate, but it is important that our interstates are designed in a way that allows for safe driving. Described by many as "confusing," since 2011, one particular off-ramp on Interstate 95 in Florida has seen over three dozen collisions. In response to this, the speed limit on that ramp was lowered. However, the problem persists.

In one recent incident, a woman lost her life on the ramp. The woman was unable to execute a turn, causing her vehicle to drive over a raised median and crash into a cement wall. She died at the scene of the accident. In another incident back in April, a tow-truck driver attempting to secure a semi-truck ended up falling off the ramp. The tow-truck driver did not survive the crash.

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