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St. Augustine, Florida, Auto Accident Injury Compensation Blog

I-95 is among the most dangerous highways in the country

A post on this blog from a few months back mentioned that, along Interstate 95, which runs up the East Coast from Miami all the way to the Boston area, Jacksonville is the city where the most traffic-related fatalities on this Interstate happen.

Also mentioned in passing in that post was that Interstate 95 was among the deadliest major highways in the country. According to another statistic, Interstate 95 is the fifth deadliest highway in the nation, averaging .730 fatalities per mile of highway.

Florida ranks second worst for pedestrian deaths

As this blog has reported before, pedestrians in and around St. Augustine and the greater Jacksonville area are often involved in serious or even deadly motor vehicle accidents.

Drivers, for a number of reasons, hit pedestrians as they are legally walking across or even alongside a road. Sometimes, even the sidewalk is not safe.

Deadly accident brings limo safety to the forefront

Many residents of St. Augustine have probably heard about the tragic accident involving a stretch limousine that left 20 people dead. This accident, which attracted the attention of the national news media, raises several important concerns about the safety of these vehicles.

For one, it important to remember that limousines are generally subject to additional scrutiny by state and federal regulators. They must be fit for the road and may have to undergo safety inspections. Likewise, drivers of these vehicles must have special training and licensing to operate them lawfully.

Understand Florida open container laws to avoid criminal charges

What if you have had a lovely date night or were having a good time, just hanging out with your friends and when it's time to go home, you realize that you have barely put a dent in the expensive bottle of wine you purchased at the restaurant? You might decide to simply re-cork it and take it home with you. This would allow you to finish it at a later time and also to have a keepsake of your fun night out.  

The only problem is that police officers who make traffic stops often look to see if there are open containers of what appears to be alcohol inside a vehicle. Florida is one of many states that have open container laws, so if you want to avoid a suspected drunk driving arrest, it is critical to understand those laws and to know how to protect your rights if a problem arises.  

Board responds to rising number of pedestrian deaths

It has been known for a long time that the number of pedestrian deaths on account of traffic accidents has been on the rise across the country. This trend is particularly disturbing since by all appearances, traffic safety has on the whole improved over the past decades.

Still, between 2009 and 2016, which was the last year in which finalized statistics were available, the number of pedestrian deaths shot up by 46 percent, up to 5,987. Florida and, more particularly, the St. Augustine area, has had its share of pedestrian fatalities during this time, as anyone who reads this blog would know.

What can I do if the other driver is never found?

A driver who negligently hits a pedestrian or another motorist but refuses to take responsibility and instead drives off commits a crime under Florida law.

Moreover, that driver also leaves his or her victim in a real financial pinch, since the victim will likely have medical bills and other expenses related to an accident he or she did not cause but still has to pay.

St. Augustine man forced from lane, dies in crash

A recent accident in St. Johns County left a young man dead after his car flipped over on its side after striking a sign that was well off the road where the man was traveling.

According to police, who said that charges were pending, the accident happened when another motorists started to move in to the victim's lane. They both were traveling in the same direction on a multi-lane state road.

With whom are people texting and driving?

When one thinks of a distracted driver, some residents of St. Augustine, Florida, may have in their heads the image of a busy professional thoughtlessly taking text messages and emails that are work-related while they are driving. Others might envision a younger driver texting his or her social acquaintances and peers.

The reality, however, is that loved ones, particularly those with whom drivers are likely to live, are those most likely recipients of behind the wheel texts or emails, at least according to one study.

An accident can forever change one's life

When someone is driving down Interstate 95 in Florida, they will encounter all sorts of drivers. While one can only hope that these motorists are driving defensively and with due care, sadly, this is not always the case. Some drivers may be traveling well above the speed limit, they may be tailgating or they may be abruptly changing lanes without signaling or checking their blind spot. Moreover, distracted drivers, drowsy drivers and drunk drivers can be found on any roadway, including I-95. These motorists can present a danger to all on the road.

When a person is injured in a collision caused by a negligent driver, the damages they experience can be extensive. There will be a hospital stay and aftercare, which can be very costly. Moreover, a person may be unable to work, leading to lost wages and financial stress.

Auto-pedestrian hit-and-run accidents on the rise

When a person in Florida causes a car accident, they must stay at the scene of the crash until police arrive. Unfortunately, too many people do not do so, even if the crash is a serious one involving injuries or fatalities. This is a real problem that is especially affecting pedestrians.

According to a AAA Foundation study, fatal auto-pedestrian accidents have risen 25 percent over the last four years. Moreover, 2016 saw the highest number of hit-and-run fatalities across the nation and almost two-thirds of those who died were pedestrians. This is significant, as hit-and-run crashes now make up a growing percentage of all traffic deaths over the past 12 years.

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