Massive Multi-Car Accident on I-95 in Florida Injures 13, Kills 1


No one in Florida likes a traffic jam. They’re frustrating, make us late to our destinations and in general can be a real headache. However, slowed traffic is just a fact of life that must be dealt with. Whether traffic has slowed down due to road construction, whether a lane of traffic is closed due to an accident or whether it is simply the daily rush-hour, nothing absolves a driver of their duty to operate their motor vehicle in a safe and appropriate manner. As one recent accident on Interstate 95 shows, failing to pay attention to stopped traffic can have disastrous results.

A massive crash on I-95 involving 22 vehicles in Florida has led to the death of one person, and 13 other individuals suffered injuries. According to police, traffic on the interstate was congested because of a prior accident. At this point a semi-truck struck the stopped motorists, causing the multi-vehicle crash.

The accident, which occurred around 10:45 in the evening, caused all of the southbound lanes of the interstate by State Road 200 to be closed down. Traffic was diverted onto an alternate route. The lanes were opened again to drivers at approximately 7:00 a.m. the next morning. The accident is under police investigation.

This accident will be especially complicated to sort out, since it involves so many victims. When it comes to complex accidents involving multiple vehicles, it is important that those who are pursuing a lawsuit seek an appropriate amount of compensation from all responsible parties. For this reason, it may be necessary for those injured in a multi-vehicle crash to seek legal advice, so they can make informed decisions moving forward.

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