What Is DUI School?


If you find yourself facing a drugged or drunk driving charge, you may have a lot of questions about potential penalties and alternative sentencing options. The state of Florida does offer DUI school to certain offenders as a way to minimize consequences and help people get their licenses back.

Who Qualifies for Dui School? What Does This Program Entail? What Happens if I Fail to Complete the Course?

Who Qualifies for DUI School and What Does the Program Entail?

There are two-course levels offered at DUI school. Level I is set aside for first-time offenders only. Level II is for those individuals who are repeat offenders. Level I classes require a minimum of 12 hours of in-class instruction. This course level focuses on alcohol and drug education.

The level II course has a minimum requirement of 21 hours of in-class instruction. This course offers more in-depth drug and alcohol education and focuses on problems that affect repeat offenders. Individuals in this course may be referred to treatment when all is said and done or receive treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction in conjunction with the class. Each case is different.

What Happens if I Do Not Complete or Fail the Program?

DUI school is not for everyone. Your legal counsel will be able to advise you on whether it is a good option — or even an available option — for you. If you do qualify and start DUI school, but fail or fail to complete the program, any consequences originally waived or minimized may be reinstated. You will also be out the cost of the program and any additional fines, which can be quite steep.

What to Do?

At the end of the day, what to do is up to you. Legal counsel can inform you of all your options, but you have to choose the best legal course for you. If you qualify for DUI school, it certainly has its benefits. No program is perfect, though, and you have to make sure it will work for you before you commit.

If charged with a DUI, you have options. A conviction and maximum punishment are never guaranteed in criminal defense cases. With assistance, you can take the steps necessary to fight your charge and seek the best possible outcome.

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