Paying Medical Bills After an Accident

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Breaking Down Who Pays for Medical Bills After an Accident

Taking care of your injuries in the aftermath of an accident should be the primary issue you need to deal with. However, for the majority of personal injury victims, the bigger issue is who will pay the bills for their medical treatment. When you hire a St. Augustine accident attorney, he will help you figure out the best solution to pay the medical bills

You Are Responsible For Your Bills Until Your Case is Settled

The most logical answer should be the person who caused the injury. However, it is not this simple. Although the at-fault party should ultimately be liable, it is your responsibility to take care of your bills until your case is settled. The sad truth is, even if the other party is clearly at fault, the insurance company will not pick up your medical bills without a fight.

There are various options for paying for your medical bills. With the help of your St. Augustine accident attorney, you can figure out the best game plan that will suit your specific needs.

1. You Can Pay

One option is for you to personally pay the bills with your own funds and then seek to recover from the at-fault party. However, this option is not possible for the majority of individuals. The average person simply does not have so much cash to pay medical bills out of pocket.

2. Your Health Insurance Can Pay

Another option is to submit the medical bills to your health insurance if you have one. At this point, it becomes the health insurance company’s liability to seek recovery from the at-fault party for your medical bills.

3. You Can Opt for a Medical Lien

Another option is for your St. Augustine accident attorney to ask the hospitals and/or your treating physicians to “lien up” your medical file. This means that your doctors will continue to bill you, but you will not have to pay the bills until your case is settled. Once your case is settled, your medical bills will be paid out of the settlement funds.

Do Insurance Companies Pay You Directly for Medical Bills?

No, in most cases the hospital will reach out to either your insurance company or the responsible party's insurance company to request payment. The insurance company will then respond by paying them the amount they deem appropriate based on your coverage or your settlement agreement. You may then receive a bill for additional costs that are not covered by your insurance.

Do You Have To Pay Your Medical Bills from Your Personal Injury Settlement?

In most situations you and your accident lawyer will make payments to medical providers out of your settlement amount, beginning with any that bills had a lien placed on them. After this you can continue to pay medical providers out of the settlement amount you received. If you have additional funds left in your settlement after paying off all medical bills, your attorney can help you determine the most appropriate way to use these funds.

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