I-95 in Miami-Dade most dangerous interstate, study says

Love it or hate it, many people in Florida have to drive the ill-reputed Interstate 95, sometimes every day. It’s not just the inevitable traffic jams, making people irritated and late to their destinations. It is often other drivers recklessly weaving between lanes, tailgating and just plain driving aggressively.

In fact, an analysis recently published in the Wall Street Journal stated that, in 2015, the deadliest portion of I-95 was in Miami-Dade. That year saw 14 fatal accidents on that particular stretch of the interstate. Why is this portion of I-95 so deadly? Some cite express lanes that are not wide enough, poor road maintenance and heavy traffic.

In January 2017, a state senator introduced a bill that would ban express lanes statewide. However, the bill didn’t get off the ground.

Other officials have also cited aggressive driving and distracted driving as the reason behind all the crashes. In Florida, unlike most other states, texting and driving is not a primary offense. This means that police cannot issue a citation for texting and driving unless they have some other reason for pulling the driver over. The Florida Department of Transportation has stated that a combination of construction, aggressive driving and distracted driving are at fault for the frequency of fatalities on I-95.

Whatever the reason behind I-95’s fatalities, what is certain is that, while some accidents may be unavoidable, others are due purely to the negligent actions of other drivers. Those in St. Augustine who have been injured in crashes on I-95 may want to look into their options for legal relief.

Source: Miami New Times, “Miami-Dade’s Portion of I-95 Is the Interstate’s Deadliest,” Brittany Shammas, Dec. 4, 2017

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