Our Jacksonville Car Accident Attorney Discusses Neck Injuries

Jacksonville-Car-Accident-Attorney-300x282.jpgOur Jacksonville car accident attorney at Canan Law has represented many car accident victims who have suffered neck injuries in a variety of ways. Commonly called whiplash unless there is a fracture of some type, most neck injuries are the result of a violent snapping of the head while in an automobile accident. There are several factors in an accident that could potentially create a serious neck injury, and your Jacksonville car accident attorney from Canaan Law can use these known injury enhancement problems to build your personal injury claim for a maximum settlement.

Angle Collisions

Neck injuries that occur due to an auto accident that involves angular impact can be the most serious of all crashes because the passengers in the impacted vehicle are normally not expecting the collision. Violent snapping of the head sideways can also create extensive soft-tissue ligament damage because of the relative weakness of the side tissue adjacent to the neck. Injuries from side collision can also extend from the neck to the shoulder area, resulting in much more significant damage that may also linger long-term.

Head-On Collisions

Collisions that occur in traditional vehicle traffic alignments can potentially not as serious as side impacts because the victims can often see the crash occurring and be able to brace themselves somewhat. The snapping action may not be as violent, but your Jacksonville car accident attorney knows that serious injury can still occur easily in linear conditions based on the speed of traffic flow, which is also often a rate in excess of the speed limit. In addition, these are high speed impacts that can easily result in serious head injury as well.

Road Conditions

Road conditions in wet or icy weather can also have an impact on the severity of an automobile accident. This can be very important in states that utilize “no fault” insurance policy where the actual driver causing the accident could potentially be exempt from being sued for personal injury.


One component of a personal injury involving the neck is the gender of the victim. Women tend to suffer much more severe neck injuries than men, possibly because of head position while traveling when women aren’t driving. While drivers may be paying close attention to the highway, passengers many times are not focused on the roadway. This situation can make passengers more vulnerable to neck injury than drivers, and those passengers are often female.

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