Common Divorce Mistakes


If you are planning to file for divorce, our St. Augustine attorney can help. Statistics show that only about 5 percent of divorce cases end up in court, and the majority will settle before a trial. Although emotions are often frazzled during a separation, you can expedite your divorce by approaching it objectively while seeking a fair outcome for both parties. These suggestions can offer you a starting point on what you should not do when you are seeking to end your marriage.

Hiding Your Plans

If you plan to leave your spouse, tell him or her about your plans unless you are in physical danger. You will need to have your financial information available to give to your divorce lawyer and will need an inventory of your property. While some people try to hide what they are doing, it could backfire and break any trust between you and your soon-to-be-ex. Your plans will eventually come to the surface, so it’s better, to be honest from the start.

Refusing to Talk About the Divorce

Be forthcoming with your plans to end the marriage instead of waiting for your partner to find out from another person or indirectly. If you are not upfront, you could increase the length of time and the costs of the divorce since your partner will have reason to question your actions.

Making Rude Remarks

You have already decided to end the marriage. You now need to behave maturely, especially if you have children. You will continue to co-parent them and should limit conflict as much as possible for their best interests. While it may be difficult, take the high road whenever possible.

Admitting Past Mistakes

You may have made some mistakes in your marriage and might think that you should be open about any indiscretions. However, while you might feel better about your guilt, your partner will probably become angry. Assess your reasons behind disclosing any prior sins, such as an affair.

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