Our Jacksonville Car Accident Attorney Discusses What Your Case Could Be Worth


If you have been injured in a car accident, it is best to discuss your case with your Jacksonville car accident attorney after seeking medical attention. You may be entitled to compensation for the damages that were incurred during the accident. The following information from your Jacksonville car accident attorney discusses the possibility of how much your case could potentially be worth. If you have any further questions after reading the information, contact your Jacksonville car accident attorney to set up a consultation.

How Much Could Your Case Be Worth?

The above question is one that every accident attorney is asked at some point by their client. Most people want to know what their attorney thinks their car accident case may be worth. Unfortunately, there is no exact science to predict what a case could potentially be worth. Instead, there are factors that could help to determine what your case could possibly be worth. Those factors can include the following:

  • How much your medical bills are
  • What type of medical treatment you received and the cost
  • The laws in your state
  • How much income you lost due to your injuries. This includes any sick time, vacation time, wages, or insurance coverage you lost due to being absent from work.
  • How severe your injuries are and how they have impacted your daily life
  • If your injuries are considered to be permanent ones
  • How liable the other driver is for the accident
  • How liable you are for the accident
  • How reliable those who witnessed the accident are
  • What insurance company the other driver has their policy with

Those are just some of the factors in an accident case. While some are more important than others, all will support your case.

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