4 Common Insurance Claim Myths

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After a motor vehicle accident that leaves someone injured, one of the most important next steps is to consult with a personal injury attorney to pursue a claim against the at-fault driver and their insurance company. However, it's common for people to hesitate to do so (even if they have a valid claim) due to the misconceptions in the process. It's important to be aware of these myths and their realities to successfully move forward with a claim. Here are four statements every injured individual needs to be cautious of.

#1. You Have to Give a Recorded Statement

This is perhaps the most common myth one can hear from an insurance adjuster; however, it could not be further from the truth. Accident victims are under no obligation to provide a recorded statement to the at-fault driver's insurer. In fact, most attorneys suggest against doing so, as anything said in the statement can be used as evidence later in the case.

If they are feeling pressured to give a recorded statement, some clients may find it beneficial to communicate solely through their attorney to ensure that their words and injuries are not misrepresented.

#2. You Have to Accept The Insurance Company's Offer

When trying to settle a claim with an at-fault driver's insurance company, it is important to remember that a first offer is not always the best offer one could receive. In many cases, it's likely that the insurer has underestimated the amount of compensation deserved.

To best protect against a devalued claim, it's important to seek the help of a personal injury attorney. Not only will they be able to help decipher a good settlement offer from a bad one, but they can also prepare the client for trial if an agreement cannot be reached with the insurance company.

#3. You Cannot Appeal a Denied Claim

If an insurance company denies a claim, there are still options to continue fighting for the compensation someone deserves. A personal injury attorney will be able to explain the process of appealing such a decision and can provide guidance on how best to do so.

When filing an appeal, it's important to make sure that all necessary documents have been collected as evidence and that all deadlines for filing the appeal have been met. An attorney can help organize this paperwork, ensuring that an appeal is filed correctly and in a timely manner.

#4. You Do Not Need an Attorney

When it comes to pursuing a claim after an accident, having legal representation is certain to be beneficial. Typically, insurance companies are not likely to offer full compensation without the help of an attorney. Additionally, a lawyer is able to navigate the legal system with ease, minimizing stress for the client and ensuring that their claim is handled in the most optimal manner possible.

In cases of personal injury or motor vehicle accidents, it's important to seek the help of a qualified attorney to ensure that your rights and fair compensation are protected. Remembering these four myths can be beneficial in the journey to filing a successful insurance claim.

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