Jury Trial FAQs

What You Need To Know About Jury Trials In Florida

Facing a jury trial can be an intimidating day. Deciding to go to trial, instead of other options like taking a plea, is a big decision that warrants careful consideration.The team of attorneys at Canan Law can help advise you if going to trial is the right step for your case. Our attorney is board-certified in the specialty of criminal trial law – this certification is held by only 7 percent of Florida bar members. Read our jury trial FAQs and reach out with any questions you may have.

What Will Happen During My Jury Trial?

A criminal jury trial is a process in a courtroom that determines your charges by a group of peers. Primarily, they will analyze each of your charges and select a guilty or not guilty verdict. Typically, there is one judge who regulates these proceedings. You will likely be asked to sit quietly and listen to the proceedings. You may be asked to take the stand and explain your situation, though this is a decision best left up to your attorney.

Should I Take A Plea Or Go To Trial?

This depends on your unique case. Some clients are determined to go to trial, but they may not get as good of results if they had taken a plea. Clients may be seeking to make the other party drop the case, or to come away with the exact outcomes they are seeking. This can be a risky tactic since jury trials depend on random individuals who can be unpredictable. Your attorney will advise you on the best path for your case.

Do I Need A Co-Counsel?

If your case happened in a different city, or you are visiting St. Augustine, you may want to have more than one lawyer helping with your situation. Canan Law can try your case exclusively or work with one of your lawyers as needed. We partner with other local lawyers and can co-counsel on a jury trial. If you plan on taking your case to trial, it is important to have a lawyer who knows the local system. We also work in cooperation with the legal teams in the area — if we cannot help you, we will find the correct local help you need.

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