How to Choose a St. Augustine Attorney

When do I need an attorney? How do I find an attorney in St. Augustine qualified to handle my Florida law matters? These are common concerns among new clients, especially people facing the need for an attorney for the very first time.

According to the Florida Bar Association, the professional association of Florida attorneys, you should consider hiring an attorney for any of these situations:

Before buying or selling real estate
Before signing a contract with major financial provisions
Before making a will or planning your estate
Before organizing a business
Whenever you are arrested or charged with a crime
When you are involved in an accident in which there is significant damage to persons or property
When there are changes in your family status marriage, divorce
When you have tax problems or questions
When a lawsuit is brought against you, or you want to bring a lawsuit against someone

At Canan Law, our lawyers have the experience and legal qualifications to handle all of these matters and more.
All St. Augustine attorneys are licensed to practice anywhere in Florida. To become licensed they must all pass a rigorous set of tests including background checks into their character. But, as with any profession, success and expertise varies from lawyer to lawyer.

At Canan Law, we pride ourselves with having the highest rating “AV” from Martindale Hubbel, designating the highest level of expertise and professional ethics as judged by fellow attorneys, judges and law professionals in and around St. Augustine.

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