Our St. Johns County DUI Attorneys Discuss Getting the Right Attorney

Drunk driving is a serious charge with serious consequences, call our St. Johns County DUI attorneys if you want our expert attorneys with the knowledge and experience to fight for you. Find the right attorney, not just any attorney.

  • Experience Matters. Look for an attorney with several years’ experience including at least two years defending DUIs. Many attorneys do some DUI work, so look for one who does DUI defense as a substantial portion of their practice or as a specialty. Former DUI prosecutors are often great DUI defense attorneys.
  • The Meet. You have to work with your attorney, the “best” attorney in the state may not be best for you if you are uncomfortable working with them. The first time you meet with an attorney, it’s important to remember that it is similar to a job interview, and you are doing the hiring! You are picking a representative in a very real sense. Your attorney speaks for you to the prosecutor, the Judge, and possibly a jury. Is the attorney listening to you? Are they responsive to questions? Personal fit isn’t everything, but it does matter.
  • Closing the Deal. DUIs are expensive, so it’s essential to discuss the money up front. There should be a written representation agreement – read it! Most DUI attorney work on a fee schedule. Ask what is, and is not, included in the fee. Many DUI cases include an administrative element with the DMV; is that included? What if the case is dismissed? What if it is re-filed? Does the fee include trial? What about an appeal? Are costs included or billed separately? Note, contingency fees are never allowed in criminal cases in Florida.

Contact Our St. Johns County DUI Attorneys

The right attorney can make a big difference in your case. The experienced St. Johns County DUI attorneys at Canan Law can help, call for a consultation and case evaluation. Call (904) 824-9402 today.

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