A St. Augustine Criminal Lawyer Discusses Cooperating With the Prosecution

There may come a time in a criminal defense case when it is advantageous for the defendant to cooperate with the prosecutor in exchange for a lenient agreement. This is referred to as turning state’s evidence and is something you should only consider after consulting with an experienced St. Augustine criminal lawyer. Your lawyer can also explain the pros and cons of cooperating.

A St. Augustine Criminal Lawyer Explains the Pros

As your St. Augustine criminal attorney will inform you, cooperating with the state is a good way to avoid mandatory minimum sentencing. This is especially true with felony drug cases. By cooperating, you could even detail how your involvement with the crime was minimal at best. When that happens, your St. Augustine criminal lawyer could make a deal with the prosecutor to dismiss the charges against you.

St.-Augustine-criminal-lawyer-300x300.jpgA St. Augustine Criminal Attorney Explains the Cons

A major issue of concern with cooperation is your own safety. Before making any kind of deal, your St. Augustine criminal attorney would have to work out some level of protection for you with the local police or federal agents.

There is also the emotional toll of turning state’s evidence against former friends. However, your St. Augustine criminal lawyer should point out that these friends are the ones that got you into trouble in the first place. Would they hesitate to make a cooperation deal? Probably not.

No Way Out

Your St. Augustine criminal lawyer could present you with a deal you can’t refuse. Unless you cooperate, you could be looking at serious jail time. There may be an opportunity to plea to a lesser charge, which could make clearing up your record a lot easier down the line. All of these details will be discussed with your St. Augustine criminal attorney. If you do accept the cooperation deal, you have to deliver on the promises or the deal will become null and void.

Work With a St. Augustine Criminal Lawyer

Let your St. Augustine criminal lawyer explain more about cooperating with prosecutors. Contact the Attorneys at Canan Law to schedule a free initial consultation by calling today at 904-824-9402.

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