Proof Is Everything: Why Your Medical Records Are Important

The adjuster who evaluates your personal injury claim will closely look at the files you submit to substantiate your claim. If the medical bills submitted by your St. Augustine personal injury attorney do not match up with corresponding medical reports documenting your injuries, the adjuster will become suspicious. Any bills submitted without a matching medical report might even be wholly discounted by the adjuster, resulting in you not receiving payment for that medical expense. Follow the adage that “If it is not in the chart, it didn’t happen.”


Submit Complete Documentation
Remember that it is the job of the insurance adjuster to be skeptical of the claims they see. Do not take it personally that they don’t seem to trust your claims at face value. They have an interest in questioning everything and reviewing the evidence to ensure that the claims they pay out are legitimate. Any claims that you and your St. Augustine personal injury attorney make without supporting documentation might lead the adjuster to wonder if your claim is padded or exaggerated at all.

One thing your attorney might provide the insurance adjuster is a breakdown of expenses or settlement notebook detailing all the expenses you are claiming. This file must contain a copy of every bill for which you are claiming reimbursement. Most insurance adjusters will perform a process called reconciliation and verification, which involves matching up each bill with a corresponding medical report.

Look Out for Copies
By the same token, each medical report you send should appear unique and specific to your claim. Adjusters are on the lookout for reports that appear to be generic copies run off a word processor with only the name changed. These types of reports point to certain “mills” that produce the same medical reports over and over for the purpose of gaming the insurance system. Certain doctors and health care providers might become known to insurance adjusters for this very purpose.

Make sure your personal injury claim is complete and convincing. Get help with your personal injury claim from a St. Augustine personal injury lawyer at the Attorneys at Canan Law. Call 904-824-9402.

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