Criminal Records

Sealing And Expungement Of Criminal Records

At Canan Law, we know a lapse of judgment that results in criminal charges can have a lasting impact on your life. It can ruin your reputation, change the jobs you have and can get, or affect college sports and scholarships for young adults.We believe clients have the right to a fair future. Florida state law allows removal of some arrest records and offenses from your records by being sealed or expunged. Our team of lawyers at Canan Law can discuss these options with you and determine which path forward may be right for you.

Sealing Criminal Records

Choosing to seal your criminal record means they will no longer be open to the public. This can be helpful for colleges, future employers and background checks. However, your files can still be accessed under specific scenarios such as future crimes being committed, buying a firearm or applying for a criminal justice or government job. In these situations, the existence of a record will be disclosed, but the specifics of the documents will still be sealed.

Expunging Criminal Records

We can help with the expungement process for St. Augustine residents. Seeking to expunge your records will destroy the files, except for a copy kept by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Only law enforcement can ever see these records, and they will be virtually erased to the public, employers and background checks.

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If you are seeking to seal or expunge your records, you need an attorney who has successfully handled record sealing and expungement cases. At Canan Law, our team has experience as former prosecutors and knows how the other side thinks. We can offer aggressive representation and a skilled strategy about which option is best for your case.

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