Theft And Trespassing

Are You Facing Theft Or Trespassing Charges In Florida?

Simple mistakes or momentary lapses of judgment can lead to serious charges that will impact your future. In Florida, the allegations of theft or trespassing are taken seriously. You may even find yourself facing a felony charge after shoplifting a few items.At Canan Law, we believe lapses in judgment should not impact the rest of your life – which could include your job and the ability to see your family. We can help find a strategy for your case such as fighting for lesser charges or working out a plea deal to protect your record.

Felony And Misdemeanor Theft Charges

In St. Johns County, any theft valued over $300 is a felony. It is important to know that theft of a firearm or certain substances will also be charged as a felony, despite the actual cost of the property. You can also be charged with theft by:

  • Keeping lost items you found
  • Keeping packages or items that are mistakenly delivered to you
  • Unauthorized use of a car
  • Lying to receive property that you do not have a right to
  • Executing any forms of identity theft

Any theft charges should be taken seriously. You need a strong defense when facing these charges and a lawyer skilled with creating a defense strategy.

Trespassing Charges In Florida

Criminal trespass is regarded as anyone knowingly entering property that they do not lawfully have a right to enter or remaining in a property that they have been told to leave. Exploring the city can quickly become a trespass charge if you are on protected land, government land or private property. Depending on the specific situation, you could be facing a misdemeanor charge or a violation.

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