Juvenile Crimes

There’s No Need For An Offense To Follow Your Child

When juveniles are charged with a crime, it can put their future at stake. If your child has been accused of a crime, it is vital to ensure that they are represented by an experienced attorney. A skilled lawyer may be able to limit the penalties your child faces.The defense attorneys at Canan Law have handled many cases involving minors and college students. We may be able to help by minimizing the severity of consequences, thereby protecting your child from lasting repercussions.

Common Penalties For Juvenile Offenses

Minors can be charged with almost any type of crime, from car theft, drugs, drinking underage, DUI or shoplifting to sex offenses, burglary, theft or murder. However, both the procedures and penalties are different than for adults facing the same type of crime.

For less severe and first-time offense, juveniles may sometimes complete programs that give them the opportunity to have their charges dropped in exchange for community service. In other situations, a minor may be placed in a detention program, like one of the following:

  • Minimum risk: These detention programs allow children who pose little to no threat to themselves or their communities to continue attending work and school while they complete their service.
  • Low risk: In these detention programs, juveniles who do not pose a serious risk to themselves and the public are placed in campus-like facilities and given full access to their communities.
  • Moderate risk: Juveniles in these programs are under 24-hour supervision in locked facilities and are only granted limited supervised release.
  • High risk: These programs prohibit incarcerated juveniles access to their community during their term of service. However, upon completion of the program, the child is allowed to visit home, sign up for school, or attend a job interview during his or her last few days of detention.
  • Maximum risk: These programs are long-term prisons for juveniles in which the children are incarcerated and have no access to their communities.

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