Driving Offenses

Understanding Both Direct And Indirect Consequences Of A Traffic Offense

A traffic-related or Interstate 95 offense can end up costing thousands of dollars and result in the loss of a driver’s license and jail time.Some of the more underestimated and collateral aspects of a traffic offense include:

  • The potential loss of present and future employment
  • Substantial increase in auto insurance premiums
  • Difficulties obtaining insurance (or affordable car insurance)
  • Loss of housing or rental opportunities

Don’t Brush Off The Charges. Find An Experienced Lawyer To Help You.

There is too much on the line to just brush-off your charges. Getting an attorney to defend your rights and mitigate future penalties is extremely important.

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As attorneys who have handled numerous traffic offenses and criminal cases for drivers in St. Johns County and Northeast Florida, we know what to expect. We understand how prosecutors think and the arguments they use.

Our lawyers have the substantial criminal defense proficiency needed to handle even the most unexpected case or situation.

Handling Any And All Traffic-Related Offenses

At Canan Law, our team defends against a wide range of traffic offenses including, but not limited to:

Drivers often face other serious criminal charges in tandem with a traffic-related offense.

Physical injury or death to another person as the result of a traffic violation, gross negligence, or reckless driving, for instance, will include additional charges.

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Regardless of your situation, our legal team of Florida traffic offense attorneys at Canan Law never back down when faced with a challenge. With decades of legal experience, strategies and skills, our attorneys can help secure your financial future and fight to protect your rights.

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