Tips to follow if one is run off the road by a ‘phantom driver’

It can happen in a split second. One minute you are driving down the road safely, when out of the blue, another car swerves into your lane. To avoid being struck by that driver, you end up veering off the road, striking a fence, tree, or, even worse, another motorist. Then, the driver who caused you to take evasive action simply flees the scene. These types of accidents are referred to as phantom driver accidents, and they can differ in numerous ways from a typical two-vehicle crash in Florida.

Phantom driver accidents can vary greatly. Therefore, insurance claims involving them can become more complicated. The following steps can help those involved in phantom driver crashes who are seeking compensation.

The first step is to keep your own health and safety in mind. A person in an accident should call the police as soon as they can to seek medical attention and make a police report. If a person remembers identifying features of the phantom vehicle, such as the type of car it was or what the license plate number was, this can be very helpful. Eyewitness accounts are also valuable. If you struck another vehicle due to a phantom driver, it is important that you have a record of the incident that led to the crash to show that you were not at fault.

Oftentimes in a phantom driver case, a person will seek compensation through their own insurance policy. However, if the phantom driver can be identified, it may be possible to seek compensation through their insurer. In either case, it is important to remember that insurers are ultimately looking out for their bottom line. They may offer a settlement that seems good on its face but is not enough to fully compensate someone for the damages they suffered. Therefore, it can help to have assistance when negotiating a settlement to pursue all of the compensation one is entitled to.

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