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Interstate 95 Car Accidents Archives

I-95 is among the most dangerous highways in the country

A post on this blog from a few months back mentioned that, along Interstate 95, which runs up the East Coast from Miami all the way to the Boston area, Jacksonville is the city where the most traffic-related fatalities on this Interstate happen.

An accident can forever change one's life

When someone is driving down Interstate 95 in Florida, they will encounter all sorts of drivers. While one can only hope that these motorists are driving defensively and with due care, sadly, this is not always the case. Some drivers may be traveling well above the speed limit, they may be tailgating or they may be abruptly changing lanes without signaling or checking their blind spot. Moreover, distracted drivers, drowsy drivers and drunk drivers can be found on any roadway, including I-95. These motorists can present a danger to all on the road.

Two injured in multi-vehicle collision

Some car accidents are not very serious, perhaps causing minor vehicular damage but little else. However, other car accidents can be catastrophic, causing serious injuries or even fatalities. One recent accident on Interstate 95 in Florida exemplifies just how serious some car crashes can be.

Service Patrol worker injured in Florida crash

Seeing orange cones on the Interstate can make a driver's blood pressure rise, especially if traffic is already congested. However, drivers must keep calm and abide by the rules of the road in construction zones. A recent incident on Interstate 95 in Florida illustrates what can happen when drivers do not operate their vehicles with care.

Website ranks Jacksonville, Florida, as deadliest city on I-95

Whether a person has to drive on I-95 every day as they commute to and from work or whether they are a tourist traveling through Florida on I-95 for the first time, it is possible that they could be involved in a car crash. Some car accidents are relatively minor affairs, causing some property damage but no lasting harm. However, other collisions can cause serious injuries or even death.

Florida nurse renders aid to auto accident victim she struck

Interstate 95 stretches nearly the entire length of Florida and is one of the state's major thoroughfares. Not only are Floridians traveling on I-95 on a daily basis, but many tourists also travel on I-95 whether they are vacationing in St. Augustine, Miami or any point in between. However, this means that I-95 will also see its fair share of auto accidents.

Semi-truck driver dies in crash on I-95 in Florida

Most motorists on Interstate 95 will be traveling alongside a commercial vehicle at some point during their journey. In addition, most people in Florida have seen stories on the nightly news where a semi-truck causes a catastrophic accident. However, as one recent incident shows, while semi-truck drivers sometimes cause accidents, it is not unknown for semi-truck drivers to be victims of crashes caused by other drivers.

Florida man loses his life in five-vehicle crash on I-95

It may be almost impossible these days to avoid driving on the interstate, and, in fact, it is an everyday occurrence for many in the Sunshine State. However, driving on the interstate has its risks. For example, a five-vehicle accident on Interstate 95 has led to the death of a Florida man.

Dangerous I-95 ramp needs improvements

Drivers need to take caution when entering or exiting the interstate, but it is important that our interstates are designed in a way that allows for safe driving. Described by many as "confusing," since 2011, one particular off-ramp on Interstate 95 in Florida has seen over three dozen collisions. In response to this, the speed limit on that ramp was lowered. However, the problem persists.

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