Firearms And Weapons Crimes

Approaching Each Situation With Individual Attention

Because gun and weapon laws are so specific to each area, you need a lawyer who understands local laws and customs. Canan Law is a firm based in St. Augustine, with extensive experience in criminal defense for both Florida locals and visitors against firearms and weapons charges.Our team of attorneys has represented many clients for felony charges and misdemeanor charges regarding weapons and firearms. We have handled many firearms and weapon crimes cases throughout Florida. We know that cases can be complicated, especially when you may not be local to the area. Our goal is to devise a personalized solution for each client.

What You Should Know About Gun Crimes In Florida

Whether you are a local or a visitor, you are bound by local gun laws, which can be confusing as gun laws vary widely from state to state. Florida has a history of unique gun laws, including:

  • “Stand your ground” laws: In 2005, Florida was the first state to pass a “stand your ground” gun law. This means that you are allowed to defend yourself without a duty to retreat first.
  • Unique restrictions about who may purchase or carry a gun: You may not openly carry a firearm except in some instances such as while hunting. You may carry a concealed weapon if you have a conceal and carry permit.
  • Variation between gun laws for locals and visitors: If you are not a permanent resident of Florida, you may be bound by different rules. For instance, not all conceal and carry permits issued by other states are recognized in Florida.
  • Florida has enacted special penalties for those using guns or even high capacity magazines in crimes to include steep minimum mandatory penalties.

Aside from firearms, there are also restrictions on other types of weapons. For instance, you are only able to carry certain types of knives concealed.

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