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December 2013 Archives

Related Civil Proceedings as Explained by a St. Augustine Criminal Defense Attorney

It is possible that a criminal lawsuit may be filed against a defendant either before or during criminal proceedings. This is particularly true of financial offenses. The advice and assistance of a St. Augustine criminal defense attorney can be vital in such situations.

Civil vs. Criminal Cases: Get the Facts From Your St. Johns County Criminal Attorney

For many court watchers, the O.J. Simpson murder trial introduced us to the concept of a criminal case vs. a civil case. In Simpson's case, he was found innocent of the criminal charges but guilty of the civil charges. How could that be? As your St. Johns County criminal attorney can inform you, there are different levels of determining guilt. In a criminal case, that lSt.-Johns-County-Criminal-Attorney.jpgevel is beyond a reasonable doubt. With a civil case, it is beyond a preponderance of the evidence. Your St. Johns County criminal lawyer can defend you in both types of cases. The pitfall would be to have those cases running concurrently.

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