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August 2015 Archives

Jacksonville Car Accident Attorney Discusses Bad Faith Insurance Company Negotiation Tactics

Our Jacksonville car accident attorney understands that many insurance companies have standard bad faith negotiation policies they use in any effort to get a claim eliminated or drawn out through full court litigation. The typical injured victim should never attempt to negotiate their own insurance coverage settlement because the insurance adjusters are all well-trained in the process of "low-balling" a covered claimant. Anytime an insurance adjuster thinks they can settle a case with the lowest offer possible, they will do so and will even request a release on continuing medical coverage in situations that may involve long-term injury. It is never a good decision to attempt to settle your claim without legal advice or representation from an experienced litigator like a Jacksonville car accident attorney from Canan Law because they are professionally trained negotiators who can recognize bad faith negotiation tactics before they develop.

St. Augustine Motorcycle Accident Attorney Explains Depositions

disability-attorney-in-Savannah.jpgYour St. Augustine motorcycle accident attorney will explain to you that one of the most important parts of your case will involve a deposition. A deposition is a fact finding process that both sides of a lawsuit use to gain knowledge about the event in question. Your attorney will give you information about when you need to appear for a deposition. When you arrive, you will be asked a series of questions that will either be recorded by hand or on tape. In some cases, you may also be videotaped during the questioning process. Before the questioning begins, you will be placed under Oath and must promise to only tell the truth. Your deposition will be a significant part of your case. Your St. Augustine motorcycle accident attorney will use the information gathered during the deposition to either help encourage a settlement or to prepare for trial. Everything that occurs during the deposition, including your attitude and appearance, will have an impact.

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