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St. Augustine, Florida, Auto Accident Injury Compensation Blog

Help is available to Floridians involved in semi-truck accidents

No one can deny that semi-trucks are an essential part of commerce in the United States. Because of semi-trucks, oranges grown in sunny Florida can reach people in snowy Maine or any other state in the nation. These large vehicles are capable of transporting goods anywhere in the continental U.S., which, in turn, can help build a strong economy. And, for these reasons, semi-trucks are a familiar sight on our nation's streets and highways.

However, it takes great skill to operate one of these behemoth vehicles. Moreover, it is important that these vehicles are kept in good repair. There are also regulations that require semi-truck drivers to take rest breaks after a certain amount of time on the road. And, just like any other motorist, semi-truck drivers must take care to abide by the rules of the road and drive in a manner that is safe and prudent under the circumstances.

Dangerous I-95 ramp needs improvements

Drivers need to take caution when entering or exiting the interstate, but it is important that our interstates are designed in a way that allows for safe driving. Described by many as "confusing," since 2011, one particular off-ramp on Interstate 95 in Florida has seen over three dozen collisions. In response to this, the speed limit on that ramp was lowered. However, the problem persists.

In one recent incident, a woman lost her life on the ramp. The woman was unable to execute a turn, causing her vehicle to drive over a raised median and crash into a cement wall. She died at the scene of the accident. In another incident back in April, a tow-truck driver attempting to secure a semi-truck ended up falling off the ramp. The tow-truck driver did not survive the crash.

What duties do Florida motorists have if involved in a car crash?

Whether they are driving cross country on a vacation road trip or merely commuting to and from work, most people in Florida do not expect that today will be the day they are involved in an auto accident. Unfortunately, no one is immune from the fact that some drivers will fail to uphold their duty of care. Whether it is due to speeding, a failure to yield or running a red light, auto accidents happen to people in the St. Augustine area every day.

Some of these crashes are minor, causing vehicular damage, but have no injuries or fatalities. However, other crashes are much more serious. Therefore, motorists in the Sunshine State should know what their legal obligations are should they be involved in a collision that causes injury or death.

Pedestrian accidents can lead to severe injuries or fatalities

People in St. Augustine certainly appreciate the mild winters in the state. Whether they are "snow birds" or whether they reside in Florida year-round, while people in the northern states are shoveling snow and dealing with frigid temperatures, Floridians are enjoying the weather that allows them to ride their bikes, go swimming or even take a walk.

In fact, walking is not only a pleasant thing to do, but it also improves one's health, is good for the environment and can save money that would otherwise be spent on owning and operating an automobile. Unfortunately, pedestrians in Florida and across the nation are vulnerable to traffic accidents caused by other drivers.

After a DUI, will you have to get an ignition interlock device?

A drunk driving conviction could result in various penalties that could affect many areas of your life. From your personal freedom to your reputation, a DUI can negatively impact your future. It is always worthwhile to defend yourself against any type of drunk driving charge, even if it is your first offense.

One of the penalties that you may face after a drunk driving conviction in Florida is the mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device. This is a device that measures your blood alcohol content every time you attempt to start the car. It can be expensive to install and maintain these devices, yet it is possible to fight the charges against you and potentially mitigate some of the penalties you are facing.

DUI conviction in deadly I-95 wreck

A jury has found a Ponte Vedra woman guilty of DUI manslaughter, reckless driving with damage to property and DUI with damage to person and/or property.

On December 19, 2016, the woman was driving northbound in the southbound lane of Interstate 95 and crashed head-on into a 91-year-old St. Johns woman. The 91-year-old woman died of her injuries. A passenger in the defendant's vehicle also sustained minor injuries and was taken to the hospital for treatment. The defendant was found to have a blood alcohol level of 0.153 percent, which is nearly twice the legal limit. She will be sentenced on January 19, 2018.

Safe Driver Week aims to reduce commercial vehicle accidents

As more people hit the road this holiday season to celebrate with family and friends, semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles will still be a common sight on Florida streets and highways. It is of the utmost importance that truckers in Florida drive safely, for the sake of all other motorists sharing the road. In fact, one initiative, The Operation Safe Driver Program, was instituted to address the number of injuries and fatalities stemming from accidents involving semi-trucks and other large vehicles

Operation Safe Driver Week is behind us, and it has seen considerable success. Almost twice as many commercial drivers were ticketed during the 2017 Operation Safe Driver Week when compared to 2016, according to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. In 2017, nearly 39,000 tickets and warnings were given to CMV drivers. In 2016, that number sat around 21,000.

Bill would make texting and driving a primary offense in Florida

While the dangers of texting and driving have become public knowledge, that doesn't stop people from picking up the phone and responding to that text, even if they're behind the wheel of a car. This behavior is disturbingly commonplace, especially in Florida, where the current laws against texting and driving do not have much clout. However, Representative Richard Corcoran, Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, is looking to change that.

While texting and driving is currently against the law in Florida and has been since 2013, it is only a secondary offense. This means that in order for an officer to issue a citation for texting and driving, the officer must have another lawful reason for pulling the driver over.

I-95 in Miami-Dade most dangerous interstate, study says

Love it or hate it, many people in Florida have to drive the ill-reputed Interstate 95, sometimes every day. It's not just the inevitable traffic jams, making people irritated and late to their destinations. It is often other drivers recklessly weaving between lanes, tailgating and just plain driving aggressively.

In fact, an analysis recently published in the Wall Street Journal stated that, in 2015, the deadliest portion of I-95 was in Miami-Dade. That year saw 14 fatal accidents on that particular stretch of the interstate. Why is this portion of I-95 so deadly? Some cite express lanes that are not wide enough, poor road maintenance and heavy traffic.

What happens if an accident is caused by a 'phantom driver?'

Sometimes, car accidents in Florida are relatively straightforward. Two cars collide with each other, with one car being at fault. However, things become more complicated when it comes to hit and run accidents, especially those involving a "phantom driver."

An accident is caused by a phantom driver when one driver starts drifting into the opposite lane of traffic. A second driver then has to swerve to avoid colliding with the first driver. This might cause the second driver to roll off the road or strike another vehicle. If the driver of the first car does not stop at the scene of the accident and continues driving, they are known as a phantom driver.

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